10 Year Old Kid Passes GCSE Maths In One Month

By: Jeevan Singh

Hello there and welcome back to London Live News with me Anthony Baxter. It is ten to one. Now a 10 year old from Hillingdon was celebrating last month after getting a GCSE in Maths. What makes Mohammed Syed's achievement even more special is that he only started preparing for the exam a month before he sat it Well Mohammed is here with us now along with his tutor Jeevan Singh.

Lovely to see you both. Thank you very much for coming in. Mohammed congratulations. Is maths something you've always been interested in... well before I met Jeevan, it was kind of average so I wasn't like immaculately interested but now I am. I imagine you are. I imagine you've got big plans for the future.

How difficult was the GCSE because students a lot older than you will take it and many of them struggle... It was fairly straightforward but if I had any problems with my questions, I'll just go to Jeevan. I started with him this... year and I improved with this help. Yes you kind of had good preparation. Jeevan..

not very long to get from kind of starting out to a GCSE grade. How did you get Mohammed through it in such a short period of time? well what I did is... I currently sell a pass gcse maths four week program online to students and schools and I placed him on the same program It's like a step-by-step process.

10 Year Old Kid Passes GCSE Maths In One Month

It's basically what I did because I took my GCSE a year early too and I got an A* so I thought you know obviously with maths, a lot of people do struggle with it so I thought in order for them to improve their grades, they just literally need to model an A* student so what I did is documented everything I did, created a course out of it and I basically gave the same course to Mohammed to follow. That same four week program. It appears to be a winning formula. Does it to some extent kind of put what we're doing in schools into question It takes such a long time that you can do it in a month Not at all... I mean schools do a fantastic job I'm not questioning schools at all. Teachers are very hardworking individuals.

I think where it all goes wrong is when they're at home because distractions such as TV, social media. I think that's when they tend to lose track. What they need is a proven system to follow at home. A step-by-step guide. That's what they need. At the moment I think students do get a bit lost at home so I think that's what it is and also I don't think they're focusing on the right areas too. I mean if they focused on certain areas, especially reviewing what they're doing at home, then grades can improve quite quickly, in such a short space of time, as with Mohammed's case. Mohammed, so what do your mates and your family think about the fact that you got a GCSE and you're only ten..

well I don't know how to say it but I'm just happy but I'm not sure. Your next plans? An a level maybe? Yes probably. We're thinking of them entering Mohammed for the higher tier as well because we entered him for the foundation tier first because we did leave it last minute The higher tier was a bit of a step up but I think he'll be able to take the higher tier in the next year or two and I'm confident he will actually get a grade eight or nine so there is actually a new grading system for the GCSE so a grade eight or nine is equivalent to an A* or an A** which I'm confident he can do. If he applies the same formula again, I think you he'll do pretty well. I'm sure you will.

It's been a pleasure to meet you. Congratulations again Mohammed and Jeevan. Thank you for joining us this lunchtime. A talented young man.

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