2 Generating Ideas for Your Research Project

By: Melissa Johnson

Now we're gonna talk about your research project and getting ideas for your project first it's important to remember the fire criteria I know that you review this and previous courses in the clinical research program but they're extremely important to the development of the research project first is project feasible are you going to be able to have the adequate number subjects adequate technical expertise to pull this off is the project for double in terms of time and money and manageable inscape is the research question interesting to the investigator as follows: to the scientific community it novel the confirm or refute previous findings does it extend previous findings provide new findings that ethical and is it relevant bow to the scientific knowledge to click on health policy into future research directions when they think about research ideas I recommend that you review prior research project titles that have been part products that we've had student to in the past identify several therapeutic areas that are interest to you if there's an area that you know something about you have a connection to you it's gonna go a long way towards helping you maintain the energy and enthusiasm that you need to get through this process of you can also review abstracts from meetings are such as ACP ACCP if HP which our pharmacy based organizations or ASPH was American Society of Public Health or let's say the ATA or on the oncology society or infectious disease societies all these professional organizations published abstracts on their website from their annual meetings and other meanings that they have anything give you an idea of what other people are doing in the community and just maybe generate some ideas because usually and every paper every abstract will say this is an area that needs future research you can also discuss your ideas with other professors or myself and we're always glad to hear to toss around different research ideas I wanna give you some examples a pass an ongoing projects we have one purpose to duplicate predictors of poor Alcon among patients with gram-negative surgical site infections and do connection control outreach network the daikon Network is a group to serve our folks that I am up affiliated with that do you in they manage infection control for more than 50 hospital think it now if more than five or six states interviewer active and you might not be aware that the hospital have had infection control department or person at their hospital that sort of tracks the number I've infections that occur in the hostile neighbor port these two agencies like medicaid medicare and they're used now for payment and in this case we had a competitive looked at an unusual type infection due to gram-negative I organism in surgical sites after surgery in this was something that was arm novel because gram-negative infections are unusual and therefore it was really interesting and they did get a post route a bit at a national meeting we also had a group students that want to look act on quality of life in various levels love pharmacy student at cable this was an early project I first came to Campbell in the students initially word to forgive art fat at the University High if the 2 to 7 a.m. exam time and they felt that the 7am Sam times were impacting their stress levels for their quality of life and they wanted initially to look at EPA but we cannot allow US two to look at something that is not a health outcome what these products focus on patients and health outcomes.

Turned around and looked at quality life using the FFS on 36 form which is validated internet to measure quality of life an in their health settings sowie ot administered the quality of life questionnaire to pharmacy student and they look at the different levels in p1 versus 2 p-3 P four years Satara if a student look at the guy we have appropriate care upper respiratory tract infections in the 1999 versus 2002 daschle a Military Medical Care Survey a separate slideshow our presentation on these national databases but basically this day is clocked at ICBC it's very large database and. This is a great opportunity to look at something like quality of care measures in this case upper respiratory infections are usually due to virus says not bacteria and should not be being prescribed antibiotics but the database scriptures whether or not a patient presenting with the stress-strain faction perceived antibiotics and.

They were able to see the inappropriate prescribing I love antibiotics for upper respiratory infections ended increase between 99 in 2002 we had then planned to do you like a 10-year study between 2000 and 2010 manner 1990 2009 and we were literally in the work up doing that when someone else published exact study in jammer and.

The point that I recommend here if if you have thought it someone else probably have thought if it to you.

2  Generating Ideas for Your Research Project

With a good idea to always go to a live search for any project idea that you have to make sure that what you're looking at doing is not already published we had another group of students that look at the association between female contraceptive use and counseling to deter high-risk behaviors in North Carolina methadone clinics. This is the a situation where student has an affiliation with a methadone clinic and had noted that the women presenting to the clinic or not com seeming to be here it if using contraception as methadone kilby to Bourque fax in pregnant women been presented to the clinic are childbearing potential and therefore should be counseled about the need for appropriate contraception if they're going to be taking method.

What they wanted to find out is on to a third day in the firm in to see if women had been Council appropriately and if.

Or if not where the using contraceptive measures and see if there was an association between back counseling and whether or not they were using appropriate contraception where the learning points for the students during a term project was done they had enrolled patients prospectively in at the methadone clinics patients came in very early in the morning at like seven o'clock came into their map it out and left as quickly as they possibly could because they had to get kids to daycare they had to get work and they didn't have a lot of time stayed around the clinic to complete a survey for the students.

They had a challenge enrolling those patients and I would recommend to you to think about that carefully if you think you're going to engage a prospective take the study with another critical to the very large database through vital statistics looking at at the Association education race and month that prenatal care began with low birth weight North Carolina are you might not be aware if you had had children recently that they are collecting all kinds of data that way you deliver a baby in hospital these days there's a whole Chiniot data collection for that the mother filled out regarding her health as well as the hall for the father and you can get all kind of information as part back in a trap that information to the National Vital Statistics system in north carolina also have a cock about data that's specific to North Carolina we can get access to that for the Department of Health and Human Services and we've done pried projects on vital statistics have birth-weight in both North in South Carolina very successfully the next 30 with association between fibromyalgia and bladder inflammation in the cohort of women aged 35 274 his sister study which was a barge multi-center study conducted by the nieh ask we have a student who just happen to know investigator there who was an investigator on the original study where they collected all kinds of other information and she wanted to do a secondary analysis at that existing data and she got permission from an investigator to use that data Sat for this analysis we also have purpose to destroy me a ticket receipt Medical Center and look at outcomes have a beef patients were to adopt a Meissen daptomycin is a gram-positive it i infected drug here at the time that we did the study there is very little data on whether or not you should does it a certain way in obese patients and whether or not they would respond to therapy the same as non-obese patients and therefore we examined this yet another student who worked at and outpatient orthopedic clinic at that clinic they did clinical research enrolling patients with me osteoarthritis it when they enroll patients in those trials they used to talk all the while Mac scale to gauge the level of pain and function in patients but there's to scale for the visual analog scale once a numerical scale the visual analog scale would be like where patients look on a line from on low-paid the high pay the smiley faces and said yeah I have a crying they serve no I have a smiley face and the numerical rating scale would be rate your pain on a scale one to 10 and a student wondered if one with any work accurate than the other in terms of gating the level of pain and functionality that checks had.

What we did was actually take this to physical therapy clinics combat I was are affiliated with through another connection in the raleigh-durham area we got RB approval and the physical therapist at the clinic who were first are evaluating patients with knee pain then administered both at the scales and then gave the dates to the students for the students think it analyze whether there was at correlation between a visual analogue scale the numerical rating scale from the physical therapist typeof a facet of the patient another project that we do with the Christians had me at Duke mortality among patients look into the bloodstream infections over a 10-year period mortality ranges in the rain to fifty to sixty percent in these patients and with the new with therapies that were approved by the FDA about five or six years ago we wondered if there was a dramatic change in the mortality its population and.

The students did great product on that and that again resulted in a national presentation we also did another dike unrelated project at Duke looking at surgical site infections in OBGYN procedures such as the factions abdominal hysterectomy vaginal hysterectomy but this actually centered on community hospitals because very little has been published about this and this was.

Novel and exciting that the students got invited to a platform presentation and international ID meeting and it was really exciting for them we also look at Trenton sociodemographic characteristics of hepatitis C virus-related national military care visits from 2003 to 2008. This is another example of those large national data fats and hepatitis C is hot topic these days and.

That was a really good project and on in North Carolina we also get work with the DA Kate asked to look at the outbreaks of pertussis that have been occurring in recent years and we look at the incidence of pertussis in various counties in categorize that by urban our role to see if there was a difference and pertussis incidents from bomb counties other urban versus rural areas I will post the list on Blackboard a pass project that you can review and we also I have other ideas that can come from great sites such as netscape netscape has therapeutic area paid as promised all therapeutic areas that you can go to and they publish in talk about recent research in these areas I also highly recommend that you sign up for Twitter if you join Twitter you can sign up for feeds from journals and web sites such as the CDC near times how damn ur new england journal they're constantly putting out ideas and papers in studies that have recently been published and they also tweet ideas at nd dey 690 695 on Twitter to try to give you some ideas that i've seen in the in the Press that you might be able to do a study related to: another idea to investigate I would be to look at PubMed in there you could search any and CSR at 8 a.m. CST the database floors for a tire for any other database plus the therapeutic area that you're interested in to see with the previously published from where those databases in an area that you might be interested in you could edit be changed year to change a population or something like that they give you an idea of something that might be feasible you can also check n National Center for Health Statistics NCHS website this the publications to see if your ideas are already been published from are these databases and I have a link to that post on Blackboard as well I hope that helps give you an idea of other things that you can do in generating ideas for your project I'd recommend that you guys start talking to other people early in thinking about it as soon as you can we're here to guide you and help you along the way thanks a lot.

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