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How to write a good essay it said bewitching question and it's one I'm going to answer in approximately two minutes and then we'll go on to something else which is dependent on that which is how to use a good quotation an essay is about a presentation of not only your ideas but also the ideas that you've acquired we prove that you understand the subject when we're thinking about the essay with particular thing about these brief essays which we write in examinations which are going to last one two three cause an hour but the same principles will also work by extension simply by expanding what here we're going to refer to as paragraphs.

An essay is made up of a series of units let's say five units we're going to write them down 123 45 and we might call these paragraphs unit one would be the in vitro duction and unit five would be the con- conclusion units two and three pairs two and three are those paragraphs where you're going to demonstrate to the reader that you know what you're talking about these paragraphs need to establish that everything is balanced.

For example in an argument to sa maybe paragraph to paragraph 2 will be the reasons for the preposition in paragraph 3 would be the reasons against the proposition but that there's a certain um leeway here maybe paragraph 2 would be your main reasons for and your main reasons against in paragraph 3 would be your subsidiary reasons for and against now there is only one way to write an essay and that is to plan it and the plan the important bit of the plan is not necessarily about everything that is in the essay I've seen some plans where people everything.

Much they might just well written the essay anyway, the plan is about what you don't say about what you're not going to say at the beginning the plan is about getting your main ideas your best ideas on paper and then saving them and saving them for the crunch paragraph 4 paragraph 4 is where you establish very clearly that maybe some of the point in paragraph two or three are not points you agree with you also maybe add your own special bit of information is that bit of information which is.

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Important which is.

Vital to your essay and which is vital to your getting the good mark at the end paragraph for the crunch is probably going to be your longest paragraph is going to be the paragraph where you backup your facts with good quotations going to be the paragraph where you present your argument in a clever logical order.

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