2016 Graduate Montage

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>> My name is Duncan Grant. I'm a grad of Oklahoma City Community College. I plan to transfer to UCO where I will finish my degree in early childhood studies. >> Most likely be the next Scott Cawthon. >> My degree is-- it's management information systems. It's a management IT degree. >> Someone had to have brought up OCCC had a really a good program, so I figured why not give it a shot.

>> All of my educators have been so wonderful. I loved each and every one of them. If I could I would have sent all of them a text and let them know I was graduating and how much I appreciated everything I learned from every one of them. It was such an awesome, awesome experience. >> One of the most memorable experiences I've had is being in Phi Theta Kappa and that's why I became president this semester. I mean it's just been real fun and a lot to do with other students that are also trying to get the 3.5 to 4.0, so you're around a lot of like minded individuals to help you study and advance your student career. >> I got to say probably the biggest wow moment was that I was at a really low point for a while, but there was a couple of teachers that I met there. They were-- they managed to reach out and I just felt awed that they cared so much beyond what their paycheck warranted.

>> Graduating with a certificate of mastery in early childhood. >> I may transfer. I'm thinking UCO or OBU. It kind of just depends on how finances go.

So, we'll see. >> So, I'm from Tuttle, Oklahoma and I have a daughter that's 16 and I was told I wouldn't be able to make it through school and I'm making it and as you can tell I've made it with a 4.0, which is very exciting for me. >> Thanks!.

2016 Graduate Montage

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