62 Writing I - Improve

By: Mr Murray

My last three tutorials for level four are suggestions for better writing. This tutorial is simply called ‘improve.’ I am extremely flexible when it comes to speech. I am more demanding of written English. Punctuation. Punctuation is a category of grammar with many opinions.

People are very sensitive and protective of their punctuation. As far as what punctuation to use and when, see my tutorial sixty-seven on style guides. Since classroom lessons of English as a second language spend insufficient time on writing skills, you must educate yourself on punctuation techniques. Somewhat obvious, but improving your vocabulary improves your writing significantly. In particular, learning negative prefixes, job specific jargon and synonyms. A thesaurus in book form or in your software is a valuable asset.

Spelling. Please improve your spelling. Try to understand why you repeat the same spelling errors – then cure it. Strange to say, yet improved listening skills improve writing skills.

You hear how others use English, how others think and learn; plus, you can spot their mistakes and learn to avoid repeating them. Learn. Learning outside of your sphere of interests or work will help you bridge the communication gap with someone with other interests. Be sensitive.

62 Writing I - Improve

Feel the heart of your subject matter. Be sensitive to the possibility of alienating an audience because you have offended or confused them. Edit your writing. Be severe with your language. I am uninterested in conciseness. If the best way to write is a long sentence, paragraph or document – so be it.

Develop your own filters. Filter what you try to remember based on what is useful to you. These are some of the best ways to improve your writing.

The next two tutorials are a little more specific as to how to achieve these goals.

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