Academics: It's OK to be Undecided

By: Boston University Admissions

Well, I... I'm all about... ...not exactly sure. When I came to BU, I was completely undecided. I had no clue really what I wanted to do.

I have two years to decide. At BU, I have options to explore all the interests that I have. I think I wanna be... a lawyer. Photography! Physics. I like space a lot.

No matter what college I was applying to within Boston University... I could declare undecided. I went back and forth between being an art history major... an English major... a communications major. So I decided to take Psychology 101. I tried anthropology.

I liked that a lot, so I decided that as my first major. But I did change my major six times. One of the great things is that students can mix-and-match... ...their majors and their concentrations in all different schools. I was a biology major for a little bit, an environmental science major... I knew there was a really good pre-med program, which I was also thinking about.

Academics: It's OK to be Undecided

As an incoming freshman at your Orientation... you sit down with a student advisor and also a faculty advisor. You can just keep going with as many different classes, then, eventually, pick whatever major you want. BU also has a lot of different majors expos and they'll also have career fairs. I can take the time to figure out exactly what it is I want to do.

In my business class, we got to meet with senior leadership executives at a variety of different companies. I just started taking a couple language classes side-by-side. I'm also really connected with alumni.

BU has a large base of alumni that I was able to connect with. And who knows, maybe it'll be something that I would never think I would do ... like oceanography. I have two years to choose my major. Me llamo Alexe, tengo veintidos anos.

Management, I'm gonna be a manager! I'm going to run a business! I can do that, right? I'm proud to say that I am officially undecided.

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