Big Chill: It's All About Scholarships

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(music) Rachel Frei: I've been really grateful for the money that I've received from different alumni. At the beginning of my freshman year I had a really hard time kind of finding where I was going to get the money from, almost to the point where I wasn't able to continue my second semester freshman year. Romanual Percy: I'm actually one of nine kids. I'm number four. I was the first one in my family to get admitted into a four year school.

And just thinking about college and just thinking about how much it would cost, was definitely scary knowing that my parents have eight other kids to worry about. When I got all my grants and my scholarships, I felt comfortable knowing that I could afford to pay for school and it wouldn't be a hardship on my family. Bonnie Saccucci: If we didn't have these funds, students would really be struggling. The financial aid packages we give them initially are the best we can do but sometimes they need a little extra help. And families are still struggling in this economy, so every little bit helps. Nicole Pallozzi: I've been given the opportunity to receive an alumni scholarship It has really helped me get rid of the financial burden while in and out of college.

McHenry Ternier: For me in order to keep continuing to be here every year, every semester, I'm always looking for different scholarships to help me be successful here at URI. At the end of the day, yes I have to apply and get through the process but it's there for you and you can definitely use it when the time comes for it. Dean Libutti: Without these funds we would not be able to handle those "just-in-time" moments where all of us just need an extra help, when our family or life situations become a little bit more complicated and also to know that these funds are being utilized by our faculty and advisors who are recognizing students in need and call us and say, "Hey, what can we do?" And we so we provide that "just-in-time" relief, during very tough times for very deserving and terrific students.

Frei: Being able to receive the money, really helped a lot and really has gotten me to where I am now. And now it's the final push for my senior year and I don't have to worry about where I'm going to get the money and how I'm going to afford my college because I already have. Saccucci: It's especially nice when we can use those funds to help students graduate. They may have one semester left, they've taken out all the loans that they could, the families are completely tapped out, they need just a little bit of help to get through the year, and we can use the alumni scholarship for that. Pallozzi: I'd like to give a shoutout to all the generous alumni who have given me this scholarship. It has truly given me the opportunity to find my place here at URI and to totally keep doing it for the future students. Percy: I want to thank everyone watching this video and everyone donating. Scholarships can truly change lives.

Big Chill: It's All About Scholarships


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