Business Administration Graduate Brian Brouwer

By: McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education

My name is Brian Brouwer. I'm a recent grad of the business administration program at McMaster and I took a concentration in management. I chose McMaster because some of my friends and coworkers have taken different programs at McMaster over the years. I was interested in what they had to offer for what I was looking for which was business administration-type classes to further develop my skills and I ended up finding a program that fit well for what I was looking for. The instructors really created a classroom and an environment where you could participate and bring your ideas foreword. They offered some really good insights into why things were happening in current events and explain what, you know, different ideas and changes in the marketplace or the economy or whatever it was, what that really meant as a whole and the ripple effect that that had.

I found the business administration program unqiue because it did touch on all the different aspects of business such as HR, finance, accounting, organizational behavior. It really touched those points that I needed to develop as a manager at work. The business admin program has allowed me to assume a number of promotions through my career. I stepped up in my company in different ways and hold a mid-level managers position now. The benefit of the program to me was the personal relationships that I was able to make, the mentorship from the instructors, the practical tools that I was able to take away from the program and apply to my workplace which in turn gave me success.

Business Administration Graduate Brian Brouwer

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