Choosing a College

By: Macalester College

Delivering a superior education is expensive and it requires a commitment from Mac families. There's no easy way to calculate which college you should attend. Our families invest in Macalester and we believe it's worth it. There are many factors that ultimately go into your decision about what college to attend and the price is one of them and we do everything we can to make Macalester affordable and accessible to an economically diverse group of students. One of the things that Macalester prepares students so well for is to critically analyze and evaluate problems. It taught me a lot about being curious.

It taught me a lot about, um I was second guessing the perspective from which I was looking at something. What's most valuable are the people. Nobody is really like anybody ever done before. It's also nice to meet different people from Vietnam, Brooklyn, California, Trinidad, India, Japan, Colombia, Peru, and that's just to name a few, really.

My interactions with Mac professors have been overall just really wonderful. Professors' doors are always open. You can always go in and talk to them whenever. I think Macalester students are creative; I think they're curious; I think they want to figure out a way to change the world.

So we're not just training you for the year after you graduate. We're training you for the rest of your life and trying to provide you with a set of skills -- a set of values -- instead of priorities that will shape not just the work life you have but the overall life you have after you leave Macalester. There's this shared sense of "it doesn't matter what our major was or where we came from but the education we experienced here links us together." This deep sense of community that they get to experience when they come here. And so regardless of what college you choose, make sure that you think about the way that that institution will affect you, shape you, enrich you for the rest of your life.

Choosing a College

You need to look a little bit beyond the immediate moment and try to think about how you will become a different and better and ultimately more more productive person through the experience you have at an institution.

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