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The Endicott College Writing Center presents... How do I choose a topic for my literature reivew? Before you begin the actual writing of the literature review, you must double-check with your instructor about the requirements within your particular field and choose a respectable topic. A good place to start is by reading or skimming examples of literature reviews from scholarly, peer reviewed publications in your field, or making an appointment with the Writing Center to look at several examples of strong literature reviews produced by senior thesis students. Let's continue with suggestions to help get you started with the pre-writing process. Choosing the wrong topic can lead to a miserable semester, but choosing the right topic can lead to an interesting and passionate study.

It may be a good idea to brainstorm topics long before the course begins. This may involve speaking to your professor or researching and skimming journal articles on various subjects related to your field. If you already have an idea of a topic you would like to study, but are having trouble finding resources, make an appointment with the reference librarians; they are always happy to help. How can I be sure it's the right topic? Well, the ideal topic should meet the following criteria: It should be something that could interest you for months; has at least 20 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles for you to review; has been approved by your instructor; and may have a need for further research. This has been a presentation of the Endicott College Writing Center. For more information about scheduling an appointment, please visit our website today.

Choosing a Topic (Literature Review): Endicott College Writing Center

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