Choosing and Developing a Research Topic

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Choosing in developing a research topic when you're coming up with your topic try to think about a few broad area senior interested in studying maybe you read or heard of a topic area at the you would like to research but maybe you've talked about them in class or in the field if you're still having trouble coming up with your research topic you can discuss you ideas with your professor librarian for someone in the field it'd be a good idea to choose a topic that interesting to you especially since he will conduct research on this topic throughout your program here at s issue when you have a bad idea or two in mine write them down and brainstorm areas that you would like to research if you're not familiar with the topic you can perform a wiki ppr google search thai death by possible associations suck topic areas are keywords existence trying to decide on the pieces topic and after discussing ideas that this professor he narrows down his ideas to two possible topics the first is discipline alternatives and the second is english as second language learners let's look at exit here's brainstorm for each topic with the esol learners who think they need to find out more about the current demographics for this group at his school who they are their parents roles and how many s_l_s since they currently have where resources are currently in place including finding out how many instructors are currently in place how are you still seems performing areas of improvement and what new researches are available can be implemented into their school to the comparison study be done from bolting new resources in figure and he says that he needs to research this morning that before he can decide to choose this topic next to a brainstorm discipline at the possible topic he will look at suspensions and how many are given out each school year what does it mean witnessing the suspended what and their resistance discipline then you look at it what are some alternatives to suspensions specifically positive behavior interventions in supports and restorative justice what are they how long they've been in place who is currently using these alternatives to suspensions quick changes and disciplines have they made a since they were implemented you also look at which seemed to have a high suspension rate and maybe look at why that is after brainstorming but topics exit readings that looking more into discipline would be a better option for him although the savior would like to learn more about english language learner resources he's not really vested in the topic as much as discipline and therefore you decides to focus on discipline and learning more about positive behavior support is everything's that p_b_s_ would be a good alternative to suspensions at his school many contest the topic before you commit to it by conducting a background search use the libraries cord databases for education leadership such as education full text erica bfl an education research complete to find basic information and to see what type of research has already been done on your topic review your sessions the hopes to determine the scope of your topic iffy your step is too large and may be difficult to find information that is relevant to you if your topic is to specific you may not find any information at all tionary ur top eight you might consider focusing on geographical location for example rather than focusing on schools in california you can marry your topic for their piloting at schools in a specific arunee sadier even school district anyways you can know the scope of your topic including theoretical approach let me a topic to a particular perjure issue time limit the times when you examined population looking at a specific ethnic group if you're not doing enough information yet you'll meet about a new topic as your topic too specific then you'll need to generalize away you're looking for as your topic to deal then you'll find littleton ok reviewed articles on your topic if this occurs you might have to re-examine your topic generally it's a good idea to start out with a slightly brought topic that you could further develop admiral as you find information while you're researching your topic keep in mind that research is a continuous process you can always go back and change or further developed a topic as you go along you're next steps include in-depth research and developing a thesis statement remember that librarians and you professor are here to help you.

Choosing and Developing a Research Topic

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