CPA Exam Tips / When you get to the CPA Exam / FAR BEC REG AUD

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Lou future CPA is pretty short two point just a couple things I think you should do when you first get to the exam when you first basically they're gonna give you 220 boards to a little note boorda things yeah first thing I want to do make sure workers were i mean you can't hear know that cuz you can write your launch go down on wonderful to get into the to get in the exam will bring you in disorder computer that's how productive free but you know they're gonna give you some shit Ramirez sure you want and get too.

I i think you know one time when it was over your life right rear ones could downs was ready to launch could do and it was kind of a nifty marker with Rose good enough and check the other one.

When I start doing my exam was redoing my exam rate on the loan rates and over the marker the workers that I was using turn shady went to the other market area and check that was a pilot she and I wanted exams I failed you know you're gonna 73,000 or maybe I had good markers.

When check marks richer the markers were gonna give you a second tip there is a regular ones go down I read it on both both both know heads right here on the corner of Pisa know no borders and that comment the reason I say both because if you take a break or much I know for sure you bring me come back year after year launched code again and the only place that you have your lunch crowd on these old no no ports and they're like usually smeared way and stuff.

CPA Exam Tips / When you get to the CPA Exam / FAR BEC REG AUD

I just 14 and the ones I took about them break came back and is the largest charitable spirit away.

Look like a really make out what it was and I think I had to guess the number one of them back in time seeing use it on both put your lunch economic both will see some some steps know the next one is home to completion like I have here basically topped upper corner ordered your sheets when you're no words breakdown you know I put times completion but how much time you wanna have left and there's a clock say.

You one for audit I have your tickets for our one.

He started at four hours.

I was like to practice a couple of days before this but I was like to just real quick on the top right corner you know through 2242 as those these are my times because I have half the exam for Sims and have time for three tests let.

So it's really super super quick rain we've seen you in there you go there you know it's it's easier just to know a little bit more 33 hours and 10 minutes like man I gotta pick the stuff up to three tips to help and you have a great day.

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