Diploma, Bachelor and Masters Degree Courses in Singapore | Make Kaplan Your Choice

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We only get one life one education one chance to shine.

Choose the number one preferred private education institution Kaplan. Situated in the heart of the city Kaplan's prime location allows you to get to where you need quickly and conveniently. We partner with 13 top ranking universities from Australia and Europe to ensure student success in more than 200 programmes across 10 disciplines providing the quality education that our students choose to be in. Kaplan also offers professional accounting and financial qualifications well as corporate training, but we don't stop there we continuously evolve our programs to meet the changing needs of students and employers offering them new opportunities well as maintaining highest standards and focusing on your results.

If you want to be number one in your field Make Kaplan Your Choice.

Diploma, Bachelor and Masters Degree Courses in Singapore | Make Kaplan Your Choice

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Bachelor of Finance

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School of Humanities: Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)

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