Editing References and Finishing a Document

By: Southern Cross University Library

In this demonstration we will show you how to add page numbers or other text to an in-text citation and then we'll show you how to finish off your document and prepare it for submission to turn-it-in, to a supervisor or for publication in a journal. Looking at your document, we'll put our cursor in the first citation and we're going to add some page numbers. Click on 'edit and manage citations'. If we are writing in APA 6Th style, we can just simply add the page numbers to the page number box and click on 'OK'.

This is the format which is prescribed by APA. For any other type of style, we use the suffix box, and we type the suffix in the suffix box exactly the way that particular style prescribes for page numbering. For example some styles put a colon and a space and then the page numbers, click on 'OK'. Another thing that we might want to do is to add text before a citation, inside the round brackets. To do this, again we go to 'edit and manage' but this time we use the 'prefix' box and I'm going to type 'as cited in' and then I'm going to leave a space and say 'OK'. This you would use if you're citing something which is cited in another document. If you're then happy that your document is completed, you might like to go to the bibliography and put a space between each reference, to do this click on 'bibliography' and 'layout' and 'space after' a 'single line space' and click on 'OK'. With that 'bibliography' tab, also in the 'layout', we could give the bibliography a title, might just call it "Reference List" and 'OK', and here is our reference list. At this stage we still have the EndNote field codes or markers in it.

To produce a copy that has no longer got those markers in it which we can use for turn-it-in or to submit to a supervisor if we're doing a thesis, click on 'convert citations and bibliography' and then 'convert to plain text'. Click on 'OK' and then a new copy of your document is produced and it might be called 'document 2' or 'document 3', so this is unsaved at this stage, we need to just go 'file' and 'save as' and save in your assignment folder and you might like to call it something like "P Smith Assignment" and 'save'. That is the end of our presentation, thank you for watching.

Editing References and Finishing a Document

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