Finding Action Research EdD Dissertations

By: University of South Carolina Libraries

You’ve decided to get your EdD here at Carolina and you’d like to see examples of dissertations from students in similar programs. You’ll start at the library’s homepage Scroll down until you see Electronic Resources. Click on the link Articles and Databases found under Electronic Resources. Scroll down to databases listed by Type and select Dissertations and Theses Click on the first database, Dissertations and Theses If you are off campus you’ll be prompted to enter your USC network username and password To begin, we are going to type EdD into the first search box and change the first drop down menu to degree. This lets the database know you only want EdD dissertations. Keep in mind that not all EdD programs are the same. To find dissertations similar to what you will have to complete, try searching for “action research” OR “case study” OR “practice based.” I want those terms as phrases, so I’m surrounding them with quotation marks I’d expect those terms in the ABSTRACT so I’m going to set that limit . You also probably have ideas for what you want to research.

Add a row and enter some terms relevant to your topic. Another way you can limit is by date. For example, the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate which set out to redefine the EdD began around 2008. The University of South Carolina is a member. I’m going to set 2008 and beyond as the publication date. Let’s click search and see what our results look like.

As you scroll through, click on the link for Abstract to read a brief description. You’ll notice that many of the results link to the full dissertation.

Finding Action Research EdD Dissertations

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