French Student Profile: Pauli Luna

By: ND College of Arts and Letters

My name is Pauli Luna and I am from Rockford, Illinois. I chose a French major because I have always been fascinated by France and I just loved the sounds of the language. I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor and my biggest goal would be to do work in Haiti or Africa and so I think having the French background would be perfect for that. The French major is great because we not only learn the language, but we learn about the culture and the literature. This semester I am taking a course with Professor Alison Rice called "Making It." The course is about immigration and the struggles that immigrants are facing in France as they try to "make it" in this new country. We get immersed in the different aspects of the French life. So we really get a sense of what the French people are like.

Last summer I studied in Avignon, France. I learned so much about the culture. I made French friends. To speak this language everyday becomes very natural. It really puts in perspective everything you learned in class.

You start thinking in French. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. If someone is thinking about the French major I say "go for it!" Some of my closest friends are French majors.

It is really cool to hear what we all want to do with that. For me, I want to go into medicine and do global health. Another friend wants to do education. Another friend wants to do development in the third world. It is great how we all want to utilize our French to do different things and hopefully change the world in a way. Coming to Notre Dame was the best decision I have ever made.

French Student Profile: Pauli Luna

I cannot imagine having gone anywhere else.

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