How Many Studying Hours are needed for the CIA Exam?

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Hello, this is Stephanie from People often ask how many days they should allocate for the CIA exam. Let’s figure this out together.

Is there a standard number of studying hours for the CIA exam? The answer is no, of course. Each candidate has different background and experience, and their study style could make a big difference as well. I have a CIA exam study planner based on Gleim CIA review. From there, I have this rough estimate on studying hours. “Minimum” refers to the time required to go through the Gleim CIA Review System.

This includes multiple choice quizzes, instructor videos, true false questions, text book reading, 20 practice questions for each study unit, and one practice exam at the end. “Safe” refers to the above plus all the practice questions in Gleim test prep, plus the time needed to carefully review incorrect ones. If you are familiar with internal audit concepts, you may skip the reading part of both text book and video. This would cut down the studying hours by one-third.

On the other hand, if it’s mostly new, you’d need extra time looking up the concepts on Youtube for example, or email the personal counselor for help. Feel free to download my CIA exam study planner, play around with the assumption pages and work out your own customized version. Adjustments in Part 3 Part 3 is the most difficult and I suggest supplementary materials to make up for it. Therefore, you’ll need extra time for this addition. At the same time, if you use Gleim, you may consider skipping the most complex computational questions. Quite a few readers find them an overkill. We are talking about the ones under Financial Management. Roughly speaking, you can expect to spend at least double the time for Part 3 versus Part 1 or Part 2.

How Many Studying Hours are needed for the CIA Exam?

My 12 ways to reduce studying time Another way to cut down the hours: make studying more efficient and effective. Here are my suggestions: First, do not multi-task Efficiency decreases when we juggle between tasks. It might be okay to multi-task for mundane work, but for something as important as studying? Probably not.

A better way is to delegate, outsource, or to focus on one task longer to reduce the task switching cost. Second, cut it down to bite size Your brain cannot handle too much information at the same time, or concentrate for too long. Between the bite-size studying sessions, let your body and mind rest. Pick a quiet place and do something that your mind can be at peace. Third, build your virtuous cycle When you start on a new concept and get frustrated, remember this point: Once you build up adequate knowledge on one subject, you remember better. This virtuous cycle carries on to make studying easier. To get all the 12 tips, check out this page on my website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

You may also want to subscribe to my youtube channel for more information on internal audit and the professional exam. Thanks for watching, and see you in next video.

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