How To Apply For A Master's Degree!

By: Kadzowe

Hello everybody It's Kadzowe with Kadzoweforafrica and welcome to my channel are you interested in applying for a master's degree get a pen get a paper and stay tuned well it's application season and.

Welcome to my series where I talk about the application process specifically for bachelor's, master's and PhD and.

For those of you that are interested to a master's degree like I said in the other videos what you will actually need to consider is that you should have all your application materials in by November 15th you need to have those in by backdate because that is the USA deadline of when they start to consider and distribute scholarship information now you can apply later but if you're interested in looking for a scholarship and for funding please apply by November the 15th requirement number one you will need to submit an application form and also pay an application fee now remember when you're applying for a master's degree the application fee tends to be a little expensive and.

Please contact the school directly your admissions representative directly if you are interested in seeking information about a fee waiver and that allows you to be able to apply it for free you wouldn't know until you try.

How To Apply For A Master's Degree!

Go ahead and try that requirement number two you must submit a statement of purpose this is absolutely where the money is tell them about yourself who are you why should you be admitted into that master's degree program what are you looking for in terms of your dreams and aspirations and why that program specifically tell them about your family what's your upbringing like what's your financial situation like what are some of your family achievements who are you where do you come from. This is very important information folks because they use the statement of purpose be able to decide if they can give you a scholarship you know how I got my scholarship when I pursued my master's degree they paid for everything I talked about how I was the first in my village in Kalihi in Kenya a woman to get a master's degree in my village now you gotta let them know because how will they know requirement number three your test course if you are international you have to submit the test of English as a foreign language the TOEFL you have to take the GRE and if you're interested in management or business then you have to take the GMAT and.

Just be able to look at your local and neighborhood to be able to look at you know the area they should have places where you can actually take this tech guys test as you apply for admission I'm at number four your transcripts.

They will be looking for all your transcripts from high school all your transcripts from your bachelor's degree application and any other school that you went to as well they're looking to see what the GPA range is like the types of classes that you took remember the GPA can also be used to be able to give you that scholarship of funding research that you might be looking for requirement number five you will need at least two to three letters of recommendation these could be from professors who have taught you in the past they can be from assembly that you worked with perhaps an employer or former supervisor they could be from somebody that you worked with in the community perhaps in your local church or when you volunteered as long as it's not a family member it will be seen as a letter of recommendation.

Remember you have to submit that as well and finally requirement number six if you were able to pursue your thesis or you were able to pursue some kind of and a semester paper as a part of your undergraduate degree submit that as well because you want to let them know that you can write you want to let them know that you have a passion for education and.

I would recommend any publications any type of material that you have out there submit that as well that could also be used for the scholars and finally if you are applying for example in programs like art things like that that might require some kind of portfolio and some schools might even require an interview my brother for example apply to Princeton University and they actually gave him a phone call it was super cool they actually called him in Kenya over the phone to interview him over the phone and.

It's such a unique way for you to be able to sell yourself especially if they have interviews why not write and.

Folks I hope that that information was helpful as you consider the application process for a master's degree remember if you subscribe to my channel I will provide for you a list of schools that offer scholarships for bachelor's master's and PhD simply subscribe send me an email and let me know which of the three lists you would like and I'll send that to you as well and remember folks life is full of opportunity and education is the key to your success until my next video bye now.

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