How to improve your English through Reading

By: MW English Services

Hi guys, teacher Mark here again. Today I'm going to talk to you about reading. Now I know what you're thinking guys you're thinking Mark you've only just done a video on reading but the reason why I'm repeating a video is because I think a lot of you do not understand the importance of reading. It is very important to practice your reading skills regardless of your level of language. So some students might have a very good spoken english they might be able to understand everything that's being said to them people might be able to understand everything they say back to them, but there are occasions when this can be a problem if you do not if you have not practiced your reading skills and i'm going to give you an example. When I was first starting to learn Portuguese because as most of you know I'm learning Portuguese I'm in Brazil I have to try. So when I first started to learn Portuguese I was learning from an audio CD so i would play the CD as I went to and from work this was great I was picking up new vocabulary I was practicing the sounds and for me I felt I can say these words I know what they mean and I should be able to understand them once people say them back to me so this was good and it is it's great for a start is great to begin with but when I arrived in Brazil I found there was a big problem I didn't recognize these words when they were written down because i don't even listening to them I hadn't seen them actually written and a prime example of this is the Portuguese word for 'excuse me'. 'Excuse me' in Portuguese is 'com licença' and for me I was practicing this word I was practicing the pronunciation I was happy with my pronunciation but when I saw it written down I didn't even recognize it the reason why I didn't recognize it is because it's actually two words it's 'com licença', 'com licença' now I didn't recognize this because of two words, because it was two words I thought it was only one word when I listen to it so this happens with English as well in the English language there were a lot of words that we say very fast and it sounds like one word even though it might be more than one.

A good example of this is 'snow joke', 'snow joke' what's 'snow joke'? Is it a joke about snow 'snow joke'? no it's not a joke about snow. Why on earth would I be telling you a joke about snow? No, it's actually three words, It's No Joke. 'it's no joke', 'it's no joke', and it comes out 'snow joke'. So maybe you have, this is just an example... phrase, but maybe you understand this phrase, maybe you know what it means in your language but if you haven't seen it written down you can only imitate the sound if you see it actually in writing you may not recognize it so this is the importance of practicing your reading skills and your writing skills as well you need to practice all four skills not just speaking and listening you need to also practice your reading your writing so I hope I've helped, to help you to understand why you should be doing this guys, and I hope you enjoyed this video. Please subscribe and I'll see you in my next video guys.

Take care, bye-bye.

How to improve your English through Reading

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