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Cover, Thank You, and Follow Up letters are great reinforcements of a well-written resume. In fact, an outstanding resume is likely useless if submitted without a cover letter. In addition, your chances of getting hired will surely lessen if you don't submit a thank you or follow up letter. A cover letter serves as an employer's motivation to consider your application. It reflects your interest for the position and hence it should be optimistic and to the point. An ideal cover letter has three to four paragraphs with an introduction, body, and closing. It should not repeat the information already present in your resume. And most importantly, every cover letter must be tailored exclusively to a specific position.

Never submit the same cover letter for all your job applications. Thank you letters must be sent shortly after an interview - preferably within 24 hours. Thank you letters must be personalized and you can actually have them handwritten rather than typed. Assess the personality of the company you're applying for then decide the writing that will suit your thank you letter. Aside from expressing gratitude, thank you letters also strengthen your interest and leave the interviewer with a good impression. Follow up letters may be sent after two weeks. REMEMBER: Never send a follow up letter when the job posting specifically states that applicants should not do so.

A follow up letter may ask whether all applicants will be notified of the results. You may also ask if there are other steps that you must fulfill to continue your application ... ... or if there are other requirements that need to be submitted.

Creating a cover, thank you, and follow up letter is as important as drafting your resume. You may seek for a professional resume writer's assistance to ensure that your sincerity to get employed is conveyed in the best professional manner. For assistance in completing your resume, please visit us at

How to Write a Cover Letter, Follow Up Letter and Thank You Letter (HD) | Resume Service Plus

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