How to write a no work experience resume

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This is Nicholas from ruthless resume and career development system and today we are going to have a look at how to write a resume with no experience but first why do we call why ruthless because it is such ruthlessly effective career and resume system that we decided to call it the name ruthless now with any career development any resume writing any job change any promotion a resume is the foundation or any successful career change or career growth that's how we approach the resume process doesn't matter if you are looking for a new job or if you are issue are looking to get a promotion a pay raise the place you need to start is with your resume because you resume gives you that framework all very clearly articulating your career experience your personal strengths et cetera.

Your resume is the place to start even if you're not looking for a new job eve if you are just looking for a promotion the same process applies now let's jump into the specifics scenario of writing resume with no experience now what we have found with our private clients we have coached is that even if you think you have no experience you actually do have a lot of experience keep in mind that a recruiter only they really want to get to know you.

They want to know if your aptitude, if your attitude sure added she is going to fit the position and if they can see that from you resume from past things that you have been involved in past actions past projects even if it was at school or if it was in casual work if you're attitude in your aptitude is right for the job that's what they want and from there on they are going to read your resume as story they want to know you and let you know your story want to know how you made decisions in the past how you're going to work in a team are you going to be a team player are you going to fit with what company expects are you going to lead asset to the company now let's jump right in to the first one will get back to the five day resume writing e-course at the end of the video but let's just jump right in how to write a resume no experience implementing the top tips now the most important part is the recruiter wants to read your resume and feel they're getting to know you you want to avoid the wrong job as much you want to get the right job that is very very important part and we tend to forget that because remember now if you make a decision to join a company to take a job that is a five-year commitment at least a two year commitment, you cannot go and work for a company for a year gonna look bad on your resume.

Keep in mind that you make this committed it is life-changing commitment that you make.

How to write a no work experience resume

You have to write you resume with this in mind even if it's a little bit tough rather keep on looking until you find a job and position that will excite you because you are committed to this position for the next two years three years at least Life, School, Small jobs your experience to date now most people that's gonna want to write a resume with no experience are typically students that's just finished studying or if you are changing industries and you don't have a lot of experience in a specific industry that's how you gonna that's when you gonna want to write a resume with the starting point of I have no experience in the industry now keep the following in mind: list the past things you invested your time in these are strong indications of how he will choose and behave in the future that's what the recruiter wants to see they want to know how are you going to behave in the future and your past behaviour is a strong indicator your future behaviour, look at life to date in family, school, hobbies where you loved the work you did, these are very important indicators of what work will come to you naturally especially in a space where if you have just finished your studies what kind of work what kind of projects did you enjoying when you were studying you have to be very specific in that show the recruiter where you enjoyed your work where you excelled where you did something different they want to see that know your industry and company research identify understand talk about what industry excites you, write it down use the internet sites like they give you great information which industries are out there and I guarantee that you will find the industry that you want to join there find companies in that industry and define what about this company work to do excites shown how you relate to this company and the work they do show the recruited at your passionate this part is extremely important remember when you are writing your resume you want to sound like that you are passionate about this industry you're passionate about things happening in in the industry so you want to communicate that you up to date you know what's going on if it doesn't look like you really care just looking for a job because you need the money that's gonna be very evident in your resume if you write a resume with that attitude the most important part of writing your resume is going to do your research you need to understand the industry and then you need to understand the company for each company you apply for at different companies you are going to have to you tailor make your resume to fit that company and the position you're applying for you going to go to that website and company can have a look you are going to contact people in the company you gonna go through you are going to really put in the effort to find out what you can about this company what they're about and the position you're applying for and what you doing that remember to write down keywords that the company use a lot and those keywords you can use in your resume.

That you connect with the recruiter when you are writing your resume they are going to scan you resume, remember a recruiter needs to work through hundreds maybe even thousands of resume and they going to scan your resume to get a clue all do you know you were talking about doesn't look like you are passionate about this company and the things they scan for are keywords and the keywords used in a company needs to be reflected in your resume you are going to tailor-make your resume for every company and position that you apply for your resume must be clear on personal traits your strengths show your aptitude where were you most comfortable did you enjoy working with things more did you enjoy working with people more do you enjoy detail facts or bigger ideas we always recommend to our clients to go to any site that focus on aptitude tests, if you have a specific one that you prefer then go there we use, most of the tests are free and the information that you get free is more than enough to use your resume.

Go there and do a bunch of aptitude tests and career tests and personality tests they also give you good information and good words used to describe yourself it's always difficult to talk about yourself.

Go to the site and do a few attitude test then give situational facts to give the recruiter comfort, do not just talk in general about your life the recruiter wants to get to know you to see if you will fit this job the time for generic, general resumes and CV's are over if you want to get a job, if you want to get the job that you are passionate about you need to show them that you are passionate about it you need to show them that you are different, there is something more about you.

In your resume you going to give them specific facts about where you solved specific problems for example and how you solved them they want to get to know you and how you think and how you act they want to know that you will fit this position.

Make it easy for them to make that decision move on to the next slide why should you ad hobbies hobbies tend to show the way you work usually if you do a hobby you're passionate about that specific space.

Its easy to communicate you interests you passions your personality when talking about your hobbies and how you involved in these in these different hobbies Your hobbies shown the recruiter your interests and help them to get to know you talk about challenging situations and how you handle these situations we do need in depth process to identify these attention-grabbing aspect in what we call Golden Thread personal strengths on the full professional resume system the link will be down below but just to give you an idea on exactly what you should focus on talking about hobbies in you going to in general just say my hobbies are as follows: that's not going to convince the recruiter what you need to do is focus on specific situations in your hobby during that time and you've been practicing your hobbies to solve a specific problem or to manage specific situation what did you do when you were a leader of something when you accepted a specific challenge talk about that challenge talk about your leadership, what specific situations were there that you can remember that made a big change for you that changed the way you think and act it was a big moment in your life talk about that don't just say my hobbies are as follows, be specific From here on what you will need: is a professional resume template and guidance on writing your resume keeping in mind the things that we've talked about now during this presentation once you have a template come back to the presentation work through it again and when you start working through your five days of professional resume and the professional writing e-course that we provide need to keep in mind the things we talked about on this presentation tailor-make your resume to fit with the tips that we have given you when writing a resume with no experience To go and grab your five day professional writing e-course and your professional template with guidance on how to you exactly complete each section of the template Just go to the following URL: That's all you need to do and can sign up there to to grab your free e-course and your resume template.

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