How to Write News Articles : News Article Writing Process: Part 3

By: Expertvillage

Hello! This is Peggy Charlton from Expert Village. Your new story will be written in alternating quotes and facts. Your facts will so be indirect quotations. Let me give you an example in the news story here. This is an article from the Houston Chronicle on diet sodas and it is written by J.

Lindsay and it is from the AP wire. Now if you notice, he has his lead, and he has his second paragraph of more facts and now he has a third paragraph. So sometimes the first 2 or 3 paragraphs are going to be facts about your story. Then he's got a quotation here, then he's got a fact, then he's got another quotation, another fact, a quotation and a couple of other facts. And then he's got quotations just mixed in. This is how you are going to write a story.

You are going to mixing in quotations with facts.

How to Write News Articles : News Article Writing Process: Part 3

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