How To Write Or Edit Quiz Questions II

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In this video we will learn how to write and edit quiz questions. There are two types of quizzes in LaunchPad. If this video does not match with your experience of creating a quiz question see the alternative instructions linked in the description. To begin, click on the quiz in your Table of Contents or on your assignments page to open it. Then click Edit. Click Create New Question to start writing a question. Depending on your LaunchPad you will see a variety of question types. To create a multiple-choice question, first type out your question then hit the enter key for each answer choice that you want to add.

Every time you press ENTER a bubble for an answer choice will appear. Mark the correct answer and click Save. The system does not label answer choices ABCD, etc.

You will need to add these label choices if you want them. The default setting for quizzes is to scramble answer choices but your labels will always appear in the correct order. Click the lock icon next to an answer choice to make sure it always appears in that position. To create multiple select questions follow the same instructions as multiple choice but mark more than one answer choice as correct. The simplest type of fill in the blank question is a short answer question. Short answer questions are graded automatically and require an exact response. If you are looking for a long form question with a variety of answers create an essay question. The instructions for an essay question are the same as for short answer. The only difference is that essay questions are manually graded while short answer questions are automatically graded and require an exact response.

To create a short answer question simply type in a question, type an answer in the answer field and click Save. To create a more traditional fill in the blank question type out your fill in the blank statement using three or more underscores to create a blank. Click in the answer field to type in the answer. Press the Enter key to confirm you have typed the complete answer. Fill in the blanks also allow you to give a student partial credit for an answer. Click the % button to the right of the answer field to set a weight for each answer listed. Click on the word Default and the points column to edit the points given for each answer.

How To Write Or Edit Quiz Questions II

For example, entering .5 on a question worth one point will give a student half credit for that answer. Don't forget to click the big blue Save button when you are finished working on your fill in the blank question. To create a matching question type in some instructions for your students then enter the correctly matched terms. Press the Enter key to add another row of matched terms.

When you're finished click Save. You can edit questions you've created as well as those provided in your course. Once you click Edit on a publisher provided question, however, you will no longer receive publisher provided updates for this question. When you are finished editing click Save. Thank you for using LaunchPad.

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