How will a Master degree from UCD help you in your career?

By: Kaplan Singapore

So the University College Dublin (UCD) degrees has been hugely beneficial and it came at exactly the right time.

When I was about three or four months left to go in my studies I got a call from Google on and they were looking for a specific role they're going to recruit me but the one thing about Google that's makes it kinda tough to get into Google is academics and in the UCD degrees was for the period at the end the sentence when they describe my profile.

People give me feedback and said all this is what we like about your profile there the specific experience the specific skills and the master from UCD was like the period at the end a sentence and.

It round it up my own skill set that really also rounded on my profile as well and I think without I would not have got the job at Google on since then I've been able to also have all sorts of other opportunities better something directly related to the experience with UCD I have had a couple opportunities where people have come to me looking for advice and based on having experience a Google as well as the Google brand as well as the UCD knowledge I'm able to people right value to these organizations that probably going back five years ago would not have been able to do that and so it's opening up different opportunities that goes beyond google and potentially into my next career.

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