Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations Major | Course Advice

By: Western Sydney University

The Bachelor of Business and Commerce with a Major in 0:00:12.100,0:00:15.000Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations will give you a solid foundation for a future career in an industry that is recognised as critical to organisational performance. The Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations major focuses on developing the skills you need to effectively manage people in large organisations and handle dynamic industrial relations issues. The Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations major involves study in a diverse range of topics including employment relations, occupational health and safety, bargaining, managing diversity and aspects of employment related law. To achieve your chosen major in the Bachelor of Business and Commerce, you will need to complete a total of twenty-four units. The recommended study sequence for students enrolled full-time is as follows; First year, Autumn First year, Spring second year, Autumn Second year, Spring Third year, Autumn Third year, Spring If you choose Human Resource and Industrial Relations Management as your Major in the Bachelor of Business and Commerce at UWS, your career opportunities may include; Employee relations manager, Enterprise industrial relations officer, Human resources manager, Industrial advocate, Industrial office in organisations or trade unions, OH&S manager, Recruitment manager, Training and development manager.

If you are a student with advanced standing, a part-time student, or a student commencing study in Spring semester, you should consult the Academic Course Advisor to discuss your recommended study sequence. Well congratulations on your first step into the world of human resource management and industrial relations. It's a great career with fantastic opportunities and your UWS Business and Commerce degree will provide an excellent platform for your future.

Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations Major | Course Advice

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