Jobshop - Writing a great resume

By: Deakin University

<<It’s really important for from student’s just to get a taste of what it would be like and to be able to at list something on their resume that that shows that that they’ve given some thought to their areas that they want to get into.>> <<A resume that’s quite easy to read and quite clear and easy to read because you you don’t want to spend half your life um looking, searching for things. Always have a covering letter, always put something on the front to tell people why you wanna work here and why you’re applying for the job.>> <<Resume building’s really important, for young people and obviously the application process. We want to make them help themselves stand out. Quite often, in the, young people don’t have a strong resume in terms of work experience um not particularly. And lots of employers are asking for work experience so we really look at how you can build your resume in other ways, to indicate that you’re uh a great participant in society and that you’ll be a strong and great worker um for the organisation so uh we we look at um external activities to study so it might be a part of a sporting team and and by extension on a committee for example, do you have some volunteering.

<<We sort of look for the just either facts or the straightforward information the the the critical things that that are contained within your resumes that that need to need to make sure that you’re selling yourself in there but your skills you previous experience and interestingly it doesn’t have to be in the field of interest uh whether you’ve worked uh in in retail or whether you’ve worked in um hospitality its’ it’s quite irrelevant it’s more about the skills and knowledge you’ve gained that will that you’ll be able to bring to workforce that’s right you know showing initiative it’s that’s one of the key things especially if you get the opportunity to to go and have a face to face interview. Really show your initiative.>> <<Sometimes it’s important to read through the position that been offered and then respond to that position in an individual context uh so general uh cover letters and general responses to to typical key selection criteria can can sometimes read as though their their not sure what they’re applying for it’s just a general letter so I’d I’d really encourage everyone to to tailor it and personalise it for for each position that they apply for>> <<Often I find that people don’t actually address what the position description is. It’s sometimes we’ll get applications and they will be quite general and they won’t actually identify what it is that they’re wanting or why they’re wanting to do that specific role so sometimes they might be people that I might not call for an interview because I might not get enough information from them that this specific role is really something that would fit.>> <<In regards to student applications an resumes that we receive, the common common mistakes are attention to detail. so there might be inconsistent addresses uh or phone numbers so we can’t we’re not sure how to contact a student back if if they need if they’re getting through to the next stage. Addressing selection criteria is really important. If you’re applying for an administrative job it’s not great if you say I’m a really great truck driver. You know, showing some relevant uh showing some relevant experience or interest to to the job that you’re looking at. Researching the organisation and showing that you understand a little it of what they’re offering is really important uh as well and sometimes we don’t see enough of that uh checking, particularly if there isn’t a lot of experience to back up their application.>> <<Uh written job applications, some of the things that we look for.

uh it’s conciseness so the it can be really challenging to to wade through uh really long job applications so uh you need to be thorough in the in the information you provide but just uh keep your mind conciseness something that puts you out and be a little bit different from the rest can be different can be helpful as well can be eyecatching uh but essentially the information you provide’s a critical thing so be be clear and and uh alwa the tip I always like to give people is read what they’re written and uh try and pick up on the little mistakes and make sure things read properly uh they’re always handy tips, spelling mistakes or or putting in the wrong position or the wrong uh place of employment he, that’s never a great idea.>> <<Be as specific as you can, talk about why you want to be a part of that organisation, why you think that that’s specific role you would be good at, what you can bring to the organisation what you hope to learn from the organisation and also I find it’s really good if people can put in a bit of information about where they’re hoping to you know, go in the long run and what’s their kind of career prospects.>> <<My resume had a bit of experience in volunteer work. I worked with a lot of events, so maybe that was something that showed initiative that I don’t just work for money, I go out there and also volunteer my time. >> <<If you’re finding you’re you’re not been successful in getting interviews so you’re not getting past that resume stage, one tip is uh get someone to to read through your resume so either someone in the field uh or or someone that you’ve been through uni with or or what have you.

And get get some feedback on on how it reads on how it it’s portraying you and whether it’s actually what you want it to say about you and and then uh and then keepapplying. Change it up mix it up yeah and then and then keep keep putting gin the … your name your name up there.>>.

Jobshop - Writing a great resume

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