Liberal Arts & Sciences

By: Humber College

[music plays throughout] [Muhammad Khan] In the past three or four years, we have found that the employers, they, first of all, they want technical skills, but on top of that, they require from us that the students who are graduates will go into their job market – they should have very good communication skills, technical writing skills. There are number of courses which are offered by School of Liberal Arts and Sciences that enhance and build their technical skills, communication skills, and numeracy in calculus and mathematics. [Justin Creely] The writing skills that you learn at Humber are second to none, and we see that when we look at students from different programs. So, the Humber program does the best job preparing students from a writing capability, and that's writing for all kinds of disciplines. [Thalia Gamage] I'm winning this award for a short story that I wrote in my Comm class. I had incredible help from my teacher. She was always there every step of the way through the editing process, and just giving me the confidence in my writing that I really needed. And she's opened my eyes to an area of creative writing that I didn't even know I was capable of doing.

[Nicola Winstanley] Take it as an opportunity. It's amazing to discover so many things about the world that you didn't even know about before, and they can really kind of blow your mind. My students in particular, they have to do Humanities, and for some of them, for the first time in their life, they're really thinking deeply and critically about it, and they find it really exciting. [Mike Planche] Liberal Arts and Sciences plays a big role within the business school. In most of the programs, students are gonna be taking certainly math. I mean, business math is a big component. And then they have other courses that are designed to help students become really well-rounded.

There's a wealth of courses that you can take that fit right in. [Dawn Macaulay] Really, what we focus on in the electives is giving people broadness of ideas outside of their own discipline of study, but it gives them a new way to think about the world, to think about the forces that influence us and our society. [Robert Richardson] Education is not just learning software. I mean, I think, uh, students need to have, you know, a broad range of courses from which to draw, like the Comm courses and Humanities. It's also, and very importantly, seeing the outside world, right? And, I mean, there's nothing like reading novels, I think, you know, to get a sense of other people's perspectives. [Anthony Cosentino] I actually took Humanities class, which is basically everything about the history of mankind.

I'm a photographer, and my interaction is with people. So, it really helped me to understand the background of people – how they think, what they do, why they think it, and the beginning of art and basic form. [Kerry Johnston] What distinguishes our students is, is really an ability to bring a set of complimentary skills. They're skilled in, in critical thinking, problem solving, uh, communication. Technical skills are gonna get you your first job. It's the complimentary skills, the communication, cultural understanding, problem solving, critical thinking that are gonna allow you to advance in your career.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

[Craig Trineer] I was a student at one point, too. I felt exactly the same way. "I signed on to study one particular field. Why am I having to take English? Why am I having to take Math? It's nothing to do with the field that I wanna study. I'm paying my money." Well, I came out after having done it.

I still pursue what my electives were. Now, Liberal Arts and Sciences, in my post-secondary career, they gave me a new set of interests that I wouldn't have been exposed to. And now, I'm really glad I did, and I wished I had done more.

[music fades out].

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