Master in Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell Tech

By: Cornell Tech

We designed the Operations Research Program to raise quantitative experts, business analysts, and data scientists that could use large amounts of data cutting-edge computation and mathematical algorithms to drive business intelligence. The ORIE program at Cornell Tech I think is a good mix of applied math, computer science, and statistics. We really try to merge all three disciplines together to get something really, I think, that's applicable to real life problems.

Operation Research is about the modeling and data-driven optimization of business processes. And our mission is to educate professionals that have the skill to take real problems and translate them to this language of mathematical models that they can then use to inform better decisions. Operations Research is being deployed in wider and wider contexts. In this very city we are seeing it being used by Uber, by Amazon, by Citi Bike to drive the logistics of how to position its various vehicles. The program that we have here at Cornell Tech has an interdisciplinary nature. And our Operations Research students always work together with the other students from other disciplines. So for example when they do a project they could be working in a team of six students.

And two of these students could be Operations Research students, two of them could be Computer Science students, one could be Information Science student, one could be an MBA student. Here, like, you would enjoy the atmosphere that different students come to be here together to complete one product. From the very beginning, like sketch your ideas, brainstorming, to the very end like, deliverables. My team last semester was a team of two MBAs, a Computer Science, and Operations Research.

We worked on a project in FinTech. When you think about a problem in FinTech it really speaks to interdisciplinary work. You have MBAs who understand the financial aspects. When you think about finance you need a lot of data so that's where our OR person comes in. When you think about actually developing the code and the front end solution that's where the Computer Science student is perfect. So that was really for me what affirmed how you could bring all these different backgrounds together and actually build something that really worked and had that real world impact.

Master in Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell Tech

Studio gives our students the chance to solve real business problems interacting with real world companies using real world data. And it allows them to see how solving a real business problem or designing a real business is different from a textbook exercise. You really have to have that vested interest in tech and how it can be used to solve problems in the world through entrepreneurship. You're gonna sit through Product Studio. You're gonna sit through Startup Studio, and all the classes that go along with it, like Product Management. You're really gonna want to be interested in those concepts to obviously get through the classes and do well. There is a lot to learn from this. Everyone is capable of being really creative and think about things in different ways than you wouldn't necessarily think about beforehand. I think some of our classes here just kind of teach us to do that.

There's no sort of, teaching curriculum around entrepreneurship, some places do it but here you sort of learn by doing and I think that's been very valuable. Because of all the courses I learned, both technical classes and the business classes, it gave me the confidence to become a qualified data scientist.

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