Master of Business & Science (MBS) | Rutgers Professional Science Master's Program

By: Rutgers University Division of Continuing Studies

Become a master of both science and business science and engineering companies need tech-savvy innovators with both the skill and confidence to solve their business challenges that's why Rutgers created the Master of Business and Science degree the MBS combines 24 credits in science with 19 credits in business providing technical and business skills to advance your career it is part of the national movement of Professional Science Master's degrees from all 3 Rutgers campuses you'll enjoy direct access to a wealth of job-focused partnerships and choose from more than 25 concentrations in life sciences, engineering management, and computer and information sciences with on-campus, online and hybrid options the Rutgers MBS flexibly meets the tight schedules of full-time students and working professionals learn more at

Master of Business & Science (MBS) | Rutgers Professional Science Master's Program

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