Master of Engineering Management degree

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The Thomas Walter Center has been on campus for about two decades recently we got additional support from the Walters and the family as part of that we were expanding into a graduate program after about a decade or.

Of industry experience from undergraduate degree most engineers end up with some level of management and.

They look for some additional training often to be able to do do their new job or their expanding job and engineering management programs give you that but at Auburn we're trying to tailor it more focus for the needs of those industries and.

We think we're a little unique if you look around there's not really a program that's quite like this to target specific areas like manufacturing or safety ergonomics or systems engineering our goal would be to get into the fields of automotive and other manufacturing we're hoping this kind of grows throughout you know maybe not every department but most the departments on campus and engineering could could certainly link.

Master of Engineering Management degree

It's made for the employees that are in these industries that were targeting and I think that students will find that it's very applied for their interest and help their specific career path as opposed to having to take courses it may or may not fit their interest and may not fit their background and may not fit their future needs we're trying to have a program that students would take course is very targeted for their own needs to be to be successful at their own career.

Our goal would be to see industry prosper from these students make the industry better help the careers of the students taking the courses and advance their careers and also advance Auburn into another realm of success which also helped with our research programs as well.

As you expand education you expand research opportunities too you.

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