Master's Degree in Marketing - Marketing Analytics

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Hi, my name's Arthur Allaway. And I am a Professor of Marketing at the University of Alabama. I currently serve as the James Nelems Professor of Marketing. And I've been the Director of the Master of Science Program of Marketing since approximately 2005.

The field of marketing analytics has exploded. It is a function sort of scanner data. Scanner data in supermarkets was instituted in the '70s and it really sort of took off in the '90s.

And there was very little done with all that scanner data. Companies had terabytes and terabytes of really valuable information about their pricing, their in-store promotions, all the things that are captured at the scanner. And, in addition, they were beginning to get loyalty programs, so they were tracking individual families in individual cities and their behaviors. And so they could match up what people were buying with what was going on in the store. And they were getting ideas about brand loyalty.

They're were getting ideas about what made people switch between brands. They were getting ideas about what it took to make somebody purchase when they hadn't really intended to. What kind of price discount, or what kind of advertising theme? And more recently, they even have been able to tie national ad campaigns to what's going on in individual stores with individual families. They were having to get data scientists out of statistics. And those people were fine but they didn't really have any marketing insight. They didn't really know what to do with the analysis. And if you go into some of the websites, the descriptions that the companies are looking for are exactly what's coming out of these programs. When you blend the marketing and the hard analytic skills, you've got some very powerful people.

Master's Degree in Marketing - Marketing Analytics

If you're considering marketing analytics, the University of Alabama has set the standard for marketing analytics. Years ago, SAS-- which has been the benchmark for analytics-- developed a relationship with the University of Alabama. And if you are admitted into the program, part of the coursework is SAS-driven and you will be allowed to sit for the SAS certification.

With the Master of Science in Marketing degree, with the specialization in marketing analytics, the result is twofold. If you love marketing, you're going to be exposed to 18 hours of marketing classes. The analytics is a very valuable tool in today's society-- in today's workplace. So you can compound your marketing degree by specializing in analytics. If you are math driven, if you are science driven and you love analytics, then this degree is for you. Because then you can take 15 hours of statistics classes, learn how to analyze data.

But then also, use your marketing side to take that data-- and we will teach you how to interact with people, to make presentations, to take the data and actually make it into a report form. So it's good for both sides. My name is Rob Morgan.

I'm a Marketing Professor at the University of Alabama, just finishing my 25th year here at the university. And I direct the STEM Path to the MBA program. I am the Executive Director of Innovation Initiatives for the college. Marketing analytics today is a critically important field for business because, unlike any other time in history for business, we've had the opportunity to measure very, very precisely the things that people do, the things that people are thinking about, the things-- you know, how people are spending their time. How they want to spend their time? 20 years ago, we could survey people about what programs they were watching on television. Now we know how they're spending their time watching programs, not only on television but on mobile devices, you know, cell phone, all that kind of thing-- what they're talking about on social media. Never before could we measure as much about what customers were thinking about doing.

We have this incredible capability of making products and managing products. And those products are there to make people's lives better. Somebody has got to translate the warm feelings in the back of people's minds into decisions that managers make, that companies make, to cherish those people and what they feel. And marketing is the connection. And that's what makes me really passionate is finding out what companies can do to make people's lives better. Thank you for your interest in the University of Alabama's Master of Science in Marketing with a specialization in Marketing Analytics degree.

I hope you found the previous information helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks again. Roll Tide.

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