Master's Degree Programmes in Health and Life Sciences

By: Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona

Hi, my name is Anna Pijuan, and I’m doing the master in Biomedical Research at the UPF. I choose the master on Biomedical Research because I want to do a PhD. It’s a master of one year of duration; it’s organized in three months of lectures and six months of practices in a laboratory that you choose.

Hello, my name is Kerstin Kiefer, I’m from Germany and I’m currently doing my PhD in Biomedicine. Before that I studied my master’s in Biomedical Research at the UPF. I came to do my master here in Barcelona at the University Pompeu Fabra because it gives me a broad insight into this working field and I really liked the courses that are offered and its international program. I’m Francesc Xavier Guix and at the moment I’m working at Harvard Institute of Medicine, in the Laboratory for Neurodegenerative Research. In the past I studied the master of Biomedical Research at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. The advantadge of studying at the University Pompeu Fabra is the presence of good professionals, of good professors… At the PRBB we have a lot of different centers and you have experts in all different fields working very closely together. A student should come to the UPF to do the master because they not only teach you theoretical skills; they also teach you how to do the research, how to think in a scientific way and how to explain your research. I’m interested in finding biomarkers, so new innovative tools that allow us to identify those individuals at risk of developing Alzheimer in the future.

I decided to do my masters in Biomedical Research, but there are other masters in Bioinformatics (for Health Sciences), Clinical Analysis (Laboratory) , Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology. Actually, I think that this master gets the students ready to face the science that society will need to face in the XXI century.

Master's Degree Programmes in Health and Life Sciences

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