Mathematical Finance MSc programmes - Industrial Projects

By: University of Edinburgh School of Maths

My name is Ran Zhang, I come from China. I like this MSc in Financial Modelling and Optimization because I can learn very useful knowledge of mathematical finance and optimization, and also it can help me to lay a good foundation to study further. The University of Edinburgh is a well-known university all over the world, so that's why I chose this MSc. Before I came here I heard Edinburgh was a really beautiful city and that was really attractive for me. In my MSc, we can choose from an industrial project or an academic project. My dissertation was about the calibration of financial models, that is supported by Scottish Financial Risk Academy.

My dissertation is about jumps in daily time-step modelling. I really like this experience. I got a big space here to work on my project and I learned a lot from it. I think my favourite experience is the final industrial project. I learned Monte-Carlo simulations, optimization techniques and stochastic differential equations into this practice. I can feel a lot of sense of achievement and satisfaction. I plan to work in the financial industry in future so I need the connection between my formal mathematical background to the finance. That's why I chose this MSc.

I still want to say I'm very fortunate to get this opportunity.

Mathematical Finance MSc programmes - Industrial Projects

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