Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners : Adding Images in a PowerPoint Presentation

By: Expertvillage

Hi, I'm Gary for Expert Village. Let's see how to put an image onto our slide. We can go up top and click on insert. And then click on a picture. Let's choose clip art. And what's going to happen is on the right hand side we are going to have our task pane is going to open up to the clip art menu.

And can we go ahead and do a search. Here I'll put in a search for cat. And I'll click on go. And it automatically comes up with a whole list of images with their thumbnails. We can go ahead and preview. And if we scroll down you just go ahead and pick any particular type of cat that suits you.

I'll choose this one. And I'm just going to go ahead click on it and it will automatically appear on my slide. Now once it appears there it is an object.

So all I have to do is click on it and I'll see my envelope appear. And I can go ahead when the cursor is on top of it. I see my four arrows appear as well. And go ahead and drag it to any position that I want. And I can also go ahead and make it bigger or smaller. And that's how easy it is to bring images into your PowerPoint slide.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners : Adding Images in a PowerPoint Presentation

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