NYSERDA Case Study: Flex Tech - Columbia University


>> JOANNA: NYSERDA prides itself on its long term relationship with Columbia University. That long term relationship and the partnership that NYSERDA has with Columbia University is something that we’re also looking to do with other institutions. >> FRANK: NYSERDA’s been around for a while and in my twenty years of institutional work in New York City they’ve always been part of the landscape of energy management and savings here in New York City.

>> JOANNA: We’ve provided cost sharing for technical assistance studies through our FlexTech program. We’ve also provided incentives for different pieces of equipment that they’d be installing that are energy efficient. >> FRANK: Columbia’s Morningside campus is quite old. A lot of the existing academic buildings were from late eighteen hundreds to mid nineteen thirties. >> JOANNA: Over the last ten to fifteen years we’ve helped Columbia with their various initiatives, providing them with millions of dollars of incentives, whether it be for existing buildings or new construction buildings. >> FRANK: The new chiller equipment reduces energy consumption for the same amount of cooling output about twenty or thirty percent.

We are obligated to be at the forefront for energy management and NYSERDA has been a good partner with Columbia for a long time.

NYSERDA Case Study: Flex Tech - Columbia University

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