Oxford University MSc in Global Governance & Diplomacy


The Master of Science in Global Governance and Diplomacy is a big picture degree. Students specialise either in Global Governance or in Diplomacy but we also try to integrate the two. It's a lot of international-relations type material but taught from the perspective of a development studies faculty. It was really the content of the programme that drew me to it, the potential to interact with all of these teachers, some of whose articles and papers I had read before. There are some very big names in the international relations and development studies fields and you get to hear directly from those people.

I see when students come here it's a new experience for them but I see in them the pride of being in a place like Oxford where they are surrounded by bright minds and having the opportunity to develop their own mind and the confidence they gain from that. Oxford is just incredible. If you want to be intellectually stimulated of course this is by far one of the best places in the world to be.

It helps you to develop a confidence in discussion, a willingness to look at things critically and form your own opinions about things and then be prepared to defend them. I think the most useful thing students get from the course is exposure to other students and their teachers and then the relationships they carry from that into their future. The Global Governance and Diplomacy programme in particular is incredibly diverse. This group of people that I have somehow found myself in has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me in life. It very much feels like a discussion between you as students and the people teaching you rather than a one-way relationship.

These teachers they're incredible, they give you every opportunity to interact with them and learn as much as possible. Students get deep analytical skills that will turn out useful in their professional futures but this is a serious academic degree. The programme gives you such a diverse grounding in a variety of topics. In the course of my working life I've had opportunities to reflect on things that I learnt here that I hadn't realised at the time would become important but have been.

Oxford University MSc in Global Governance & Diplomacy

We have people in Washington, we have people in Brussels, so in international organisations; we have them in financial institutions... it's as diverse as you would expect given the intake. As a candidate, I would say just go ahead and apply because this might be the best decision you ever make. It definitely was for me.

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