Pharmaceutical & Food Science Technology - Durham College

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Yesterday we made some banana oil, which I mean, the concoction of chemicals and you’ll be like “wow, this is gonna be something that would kill you”, but it’s... (laughs) ... you know, you realize you know that when you get into the chemistry of it, you know, the reaction of the chemicals, they change form and they’re no longer that harmful chemical that you were initially using. You’re looking at this thinking “I didn’t realize that this simple combination would bring that about”. Well Pharmaceutical and Food Science program is a three year program and students get a lot of hands on experience; that includes working with a lot of instrumentation, equipment and include also various, working with various pilot scale equipment such as freeze dryer, spray dryer and they could also be making various processed foods such as beer, cheese, different meat products and etc.

Some job opportunities for this program, you’re looking at pharmaceutical sales, quality assurance, quality control, research and development, product development. There have been a couple of our students recently that have gone on and as soon as they get out they develop their own product and are C.E.O. of their company after only three years of Durham College. It’s a growing industry so it’s very promising. What drew me to the program was the fact that it covered the pharmaceutical and food industry which is a growing industry.

You find that as you go on they tie into one other and at the beginning you’re anxious, sure, about whether you’re going to make it, but the first semester, for the most part, your anxiety should be gone. Once students enter their third year of study we basically have a placement and we help students to get some hands-on and real industry experience by working in either pharmaceutical or food industry. We’ve been learning a set of skills here at the college that are transferrable across any field in the industry. Durham College, their motto is of course is success matters and when you first come in you think, well that’s a nice motto, but you don’t know how they’re going to live up to it, but they really do. At the beginning if you look three years down the road you’ll say “that’s impossible.

I’ll never be able to do it” and then you get there and it’s like they’ve actually, Durham College has actually prepared you. It was very intimidating for me at first, but I took the challenge and I’ve made it this far. I’m doing well.

Pharmaceutical & Food Science Technology - Durham College

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