Postgraduate study at Middlesex University

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♪ [music] ♪ - [Joshua] Postgraduate study sets an individual apart from the rest of the competition and it gives them a newly framed perspective that is often both wider and specialised at the same time. - [Luz] Having a masters degree is definitely really important. My ambitions are to go and work in a digital marketing agency in London and gain some experience in order to go back to South America and open my own agency. There is a lot of competition.

When you say that you are a graduate from Middlesex University, employers will take you into account. - [Kate] Middlesex has an excellent track record of producing global graduates. We pride ourselves on supporting those graduates to source, access and secure those opportunities. - [Lois] I've already secured my first teaching job for September. Looking forward as a career, my prospects, I think, look really good. - [Jan] When we're developing our programs we work very closely with experts from the industry to make sure that the curriculum and experience of our courses are exactly what's needed for that area of work. - [Sulaimon] It's helped me with the way I interact with my clients.

It's given me a sense of focus in honing my skills and developing my signature as a designer. - These are courses that are really tailored to suit the new, fresh undergraduate, but also the individual who has been 10 or 15 years in work and is looking to re-hone their skills. - [Anton] I've been working my way up in the sports industry, but it's been very, very difficult to get into the elite level with an undergraduate degree. Time and time again, an MSC was a requirement. I managed to get a placement at a premier league football club and that's really where I managed to gain a lot of experience and marry that up with the experience I'm getting here. We've got a whole range of opportunities available to us that just wasn't available at other universities. - [Katharina] Lecturers are very, very helpful. They are amazing.

They listen to our ambitions and try to support us as best as they can. Working in a very international team, in a very international and vibrant environment is something which will help me in my personal development a lot. - We have a state of the art library that's open 24/7. An e-book scheme was began a couple of years ago. - The cortex e-book scheme is amazing because we don't have to spend any more money on books.

Postgraduate study at Middlesex University

They're just simply delivered online. It's all the core books we need. - The masters courses we have are difficult. In the time they spend with us, we need somebody who's fully engaged and immersed because if they can give us that attitude, we are convinced that we can take them towards their dreams and beyond. ♪ [music] ♪.

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