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Welcome to a world where "Savoir-Vivre" meet "Savoir-Faire" where roots of the past give wings to the future take part in innovation and share our unique art of living set-up a rendez-vous with history with a capital age Inspite of my long specialised studies and my travels all around the world I never forgot my french roots The Culture and the Arts The landscape, the Architecture, the Gastronomy The huge discussions and the ideas Everything that allows France, inspite of all its difficulties to continue to make the world dream and to attract artists, idealists and researchers if you want to have a career, and a have family, then France if one of the best countries to be in Beyong scientific issues, my foreign collegues like discussing french culture, french history, regional wealth being french is a definite asset I love living in Paris, but the reason I choose to work in france is the quality of life here the excellent schools, the health care system and access to day care and when French Art of Living is put in the service of research the outcome is talent Nearly 260000 researchers work in France there are the successors of big names in French research Louis Pasteur Pierre et Marie Curie Jacques Monod Georges Charpak Pierre Gilles de Gennes Maurice Allais Luc Montagnier Françoise Barré-Sinoussi theses names are cross-borders and spearheaded progress across the world literature, economics, medicine, physics France a country of excellence hold 61 Nobel prizes france has a long tradition of excellence in Blue Sky research in all fields of hard sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology but also in humanities like archaeology, history, sociology and this is this mixture between hard sciences and cultural activities which explain the attractiveness of Paris and France for research, for scientists coming from all over the world France values his past, cultivate the present, and forges the future for France knows that, more then ever in the course of history scientific stakes require rising to the challenge of building research infrastructures that are at the cutting edge of scientific and technological knowledge 73 universities, 275 doctoral schools 3200 Research Units : CNRS, INSERM, CEA, INRA, INRIA but also five national research alliances and 25 academic and scientific clusters France unite its forces and its knowledge for higher efficiency and performance for broader reach across the world these tools are all conditions for future discoveries France in its infrastructures take on ambitious project there is a definite acknowledgement of researchers in France. At IFP Energies Nouvelles, I have the opportunity to coordinate a European project a project that's gathers researchers, industrials and public authorities this is really a great experience France dares to invite you to a rendez-vous with innovation in all disciplines the environment space of course, but also health and today as always france continues to advance in mini invasive surgery with the MIXSURG project in Strasbourg and heart surgery with LIRYC, a research center unique in Europe. France is one of the most digitalized countries on the planet it has state of the art digital technology with French Tech with the invention of "NAO" the humanoid robot that interactive and autonomous with OPENLAB, the European platform for experiments if we take the Openlab project, it would not have been possible in a different context we designed and deployed a large-scale Internet test Bed for academics and industry and we were able therefore to work at the best international level france is also Europe together they enable to carry larger, more ambitious projects and benefit from the diversity of talents that makes our projects more competitive in a world context of researchers on the move france is a shining example. It exports its educational know how to Abu Dhabi for example where the Sorbonne has a campus or to Beijing where it's Ecole Centrale and France attract. Our country draws researchers from the world over it's one of the most attractive countries in the world for international students when I arrived, my research domain, human-computer interaction was not very well developed in France. but INRIA gave me the resources and the freedom to do the research that I believe in France is of course one of the best places in the world to do fundamental research in science it combine several advantages, for example a permanent position relatively young and relatively generous state funding for blue sky research means that one can concentrate on doing good science rather than running the rat race all the time France a country with a global outlook CNRS is the research center with the world's highest number of publications Ariane Space is the leader in space transportation the Rosetta mission who make it possible for us to go back to the origins of the solar system attractive, influential, a springboard ! France wants to combined its assets with its ambitions it's both a land of "Savoir-Faire" and a land of "Savoir-Vivre" France is both home to 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites and is one of the world's most dynamic poles for innovation and research your rendez-vous with France.

Research in France EN

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