Rutgers Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

By: Rutgers Online

Our vision is high class nursing education, nursing scholarship and service to the community. Our program is geared to registered nurses who are working. We have full and part-time schedules for nurses. If they want to go part-time, they can. If their situation changes and they need to go full time so that they can graduate more quickly, we work with them to help them do that.

The program is fully online. The students in our online programs are taught by the same faculty who teach the classes face-to-face. We have a world-class faculty who consistently receive teaching awards.

The faculty teach across all levels so they may be teaching in the RN, the BS program. They may be teaching in the traditional undergraduate program, the second degree program or in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Our faculty are very flexible and aware of current trends in the profession and they translate that into the classroom. We instill values of Critical Thinking, helping students realize that they may not have all the answers. We help prepare students to obtain information that they need to practice in an ever-changing world. Our program is very student-friendly. Students who come in with an associate degree can obtain 60 hours from a community college and then when they pass the ENCLEX they are awarded another 33 credits. Depending on the prerequisites that they have, we can help them streamline the program.

We value the education that they had in the community college so they’re not repeating that education. The Affordable Care Act has changed the complexion of health care. Patients are in the hospital shorter and shorter periods of time. They’re sicker and sicker, then they’re discharged and need extensive follow-up. Graduates from an RN to BS program are prepared to help provide that transitional care. They are also prepared to deal with the critically ill patients in the hospital and then follow them into the community. Hospitals are more and more seeking magnet status and there are many, many stipulations that institutions have to have to gain magnet status. They have to have a high proportion of nurses with baccalaureate degrees because studies have shown repeatedly that the higher percentage of baccalaureate prepared nurses in institutions, the better outcomes are.

Rutgers Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Hospitals are requiring staff to go back to school and sometimes are not even interviewing nurses without a baccalaureate degree. So it’s in the RN’s best interest to pursue that baccalaureate degree. The courses that we offer in the baccalaureate program are foundational for professional nursing practice. We offer a course in Pharmacology that is up to date as far as medications that students may come across, Pathophysiology which explains abnormalities in the human condition. We have two courses that also have clinical experiences, Community Health Nursing and Leadership and Management and students do projects in those courses that they can apply in their clinical setting where they work or where they anticipate working. We offer the flexibility to work with students to meet the schedule that works for them. We realize that students have other demands on themselves and they may not be able to come to class every week.

So if they are working evening shifts and they want to log in at 2:00 in the morning when they get home, they can do that. We encourage students to progress at the pace that they want to progress and they can get the same quality of education that they would if they were in the class.

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