Sarah Milon - 2012 TMCC nursing school graduate

By: Truckee Meadows Community College

I am working my last two days of my student nurse career, and I'm loving every second of it. Being in the TMCC program for nursing, I think one of the most beneficial things been the quality of learning I have received. The professors and any of the instructors are phenomenal.

They love what they do. They absolutely push you to succeed. They don't want to see you dropout. They don't want to see you not do well. I think that's a big benefit you don't feel like you're in a room with you know eighty other people trying to get this one degree, you feel like you have a smaller class and you know that at any moment you can email them or walk into their office and be confident and comfortable that they are going to say what can I help you with? Let's sit down, and that's and that's great, that's the feeling you want.

Sarah Milon - 2012 TMCC nursing school graduate

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