Speech-Language Pathology at Nazareth College

By: Nazareth College

Lisa Durant-Jones: Having actual clinical space where our students can work with other disciplines is very very fulfilling. We have research rooms, research space, we have clinical space, we have academic space, and students can effortlessly meet with their peers, with their colleagues, but also students from other disciplines and that's pretty gratifying. I think the students having to practice here on campus, before they go into their clinicals, they'll go in with a sense of confidence, how to not only collaborate but how to advocate for their own discipline but for other disciplines. Catherine Beers: It's the whole spectrum, it's everything and what else could I ask for, going out into the world as a new professional and as a future speech language pathologist. Education is not static, I am going to continue to develop my understanding and my clinical and professional knowledge and skills by working with other disciplines and by really working in the community.

Because of my Nazareth education, I am ready to go out in a world knowing that I am a life-long learner.

Speech-Language Pathology at Nazareth College

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