Summer Reading | July 2014 Book Review

By: Brooklyn and Bailey

[MUSIC CHARITY VANCE, "TWO BIRDS"] -Hi, guys. It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we're going to be doing another book review. Today I have a book called "It All Started With an Apple." -And I have "Defy." -And we both just recently read these, and we loved them, so we're going to be all about that.

This book actually started out as a Wattpad book. -Wattpad is an online website where-- -It's not a website. It's an app. -It's an app or a website. But it's for like unprofessional authors or like me. Like a young 14-year-old can go on there-- -And write a story. -And upload chapters of their own books and write a story, basically. -And they're unpublished and they're kind of just like basic writing, you know, ideas.

And so this started it out on there, and I actually read it for the first time on that website. But it just recently got published as a real book. And it is so good.

It's actually written by Ashley Winters. She's 16. A 16-year-old wrote this book. -It's crazy. -And I loved it. It's about a girl named Brianne and how she really doesn't feel like she has a love life.

Summer Reading | July 2014 Book Review

But then her best friend convinces her to throw this apple across the room in the cafeteria, and it hit this guy on the head, Dannon. And, well, they have a romantic relationship. -It is one of the best books I have ever read. -They go through some struggles. And I just loved this book so much. -It was amazing. -I would recommend it for any age. It's really appropriate.

There's nothing really wrong with this book. I mean, I just loved it. It's one of my favorites, so far. -And my book is called "Defy." It's more of an action-based, and it's about a girl named Alexa. And her and her twin brother, their parents died. So the only options for them is for either both of them to become fighters, the girls are not allowed to become fighters.

So Alexa pretends-- -Well, she means soldiers. -Yeah, like soldiers. So Alexa has to pretend to be a boy. And she is fighting in the kid's army. -Yeah, so she's like trying to hide herself and pretend to be a boy and also learn the skills of a soldier, while being in the prince's personal guard. -It's really good. I would recommend it for any age really. It's really appropriate, and it's got a lot of action in it and a lot of romance.

So I would definitely recommend this book for any of you guys out there. Thank you guys so much for watching our book review. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @BrookAndBailey. And also don't forget to leave a comment below on the books you guys want to us read. -And we'll see you next week. Bye. [MUSIC CHARITY VANCE, "TWO BIRDS"] --[INAUDIBLE] and also Teddy Grahams because we like to snack on Teddy Grahams.

-And they're fun and yummy, yes. Next we have a jacket. Doesn't really matter-- -Up, down. -Near. -Down [INAUDIBLE].

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