Texas A&M University is Amazing.


Huh? Lightning indoors? That horse hits the gym more than I do. Houston? We have liftoff. I wonder how you say "Gig 'Em" in Spanish? Howdy. I'm Ford.

Did you know that Texas A&M is a top-rated research university with cutting-edge facilities and award-winning faculty? It's also one of the largest universities in the nation. But with a student-teacher ratio of 21-to-1, you'll never feel like a number. Good job, Ford. Nailed it! You want to ace your classes like me? Texas A&M is a ton of academic resources. I totally picked the right major. Have you picked yours? We've got a few here at Texas A&M. Oh, is that still going? Go to aggiebound.com to see the full list and pick yours.

And once you pick your major, you might want to make some friends, you know, get involved. A&M has a ton of clubs focused on everything from service to academics, religion, hobbies, multi-cultural, social, performance...the choices are endless! One thing every student has in common are our traditions. No matter who you are, Aggies come together to share the same student experiences. Varsity's horns are sawed off. Short! A! You'll be a part of the 12th man, which is made up of more than 400,000 current and former students. Who's the 12th man? I'm the 12th man. You're the 12th man.

We're all the 12th man! And who are we yelling for? Our athletes. If you didn't know we've got athletics. And are we any good? No. We're amazing.

Texas A&M University is Amazing.

We're a part of the Southeastern Conference. That's right, the SEC. We have 18 NCAA Division 1 sports with national and world ranked athletes. So snag a sports pass and check out all the action. But if you'd rather be in the game, we've got 'em all. You can play and compete on all levels, club, intramural, pickup games at The Rec. You're covered. All in all, the Aggie experience is unlike anything else and at the end of it all you've got one of the greatest career centers in the nation to help you pick the right job and you'll be a part of the Aggie Network which is one that'll follow you from the moment you graduate.

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