The Open University Foundation Degree in Counselling: your questions answered

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The you might be watching yes because you're interested in becoming a counselor or you want to continue training in counseling and interested in the foundation degree in counseling over the next few minutes I'm going to answer some of the common questions about the foundation degree we've developed with the Open University.

What is the foundation degree in counseling well it's a quantification made up combination if the pcap canceling practitioner qualifications and Open University distance learning modules once you've completed the necessary combination of qualifications and modules you'll be awarded the foundation degree tell explain how this works step 1: complete our level 4 diploma and therapeutic counselling be aware that there's no entry requirement at least 150 hours the training and counseling skills in theory before you can register for disqualification you'll also need to go through an interview and selection process you chosen Center I'll talk a bit more about this later the level 4 diploma is the two-year part-time course studied CPCAB be approved training center during the two years you need to undertake personal therapy and 100 hours supervise client work in a counseling agency placement as well as attending all the training sessions step 2 complete when a power level 5 diploma the CPCAB level 5 diploma.

Optional elements a foundation degree but have the added advantage taking your banks in practice to the next level you can choose from I that the level 5 diploma and psychotherapeutic can't thing or the level 5 diploma in CPT skills and theory each contribute 30 credits towards the foundation degree both level 5 qualifications have requirements for client work and supervision the first that these qualifications offers you the opportunity to study at greater depth and prepare for work as an independent practitioner the other qualification I mentioned offers you the opportunity to learn CBT skills in theory and integrate these into your client work step 3: getting the remaining Open University credits by completing a combination of their modules this must include the 30 credit module called counselling: exploring fear and sadness but the remaining 60 to 90 credits depending on whether you have already done a level five Practitioner qualification can be made up from a choice 6 other Open University modules although in theory you can begin the models at any stage to gain the most from your studies it's strongly recommended that you don't stop them until you've begun our level 4 diploma you can find details of the modules on our website as I mentioned earlier you need to complete at least 150 talked hours accounting skills and theory before you can apply for a level 4 diploma which is the first element to the foundation degree. This is because you need a basic grounding in counseling skills and theory before you can embark on a practitioner training if you don't have any kind thing qualifications yet you need to start by taking our level 2 certificate in cutting skills followed by either I level 3 certificate in canceling studies all the Open University module Dean 171 introduction to counselling you'll need to check with your chosen training center what their preferred entry qualifications for the level 4 diploma are and find out about this election an interview process if you have no previous training in kind thing it'll take you four to five years part-time to complete the whole foundation degree this includes the time you'll spend on getting the required entry qualifications on workplace experience if you have some kind thing training and it meets the entry requirements the level 4 diploma it'll take a minimum 3 years part-time to do this you need to complete yep University distance learning modules at the same time is out to play miss you might wonder with your existing qualifications can towards the foundation degree in counseling for instance you might already have accounting diploma from another awarding organisation or degree in a related field the answer is that the foundation degree is an exclusive partnership between Open University and CPCAB said only our qualifications can towards it. However, if you happen to complications from another warning organization at level 2 and level 3 you may be able to use them to apply for the level 4 diploma contact to chase and training center for specific advice you can find contact details all of centers on our website just look for the where can I study link CBCA be charges set qualification be two centers for the level 4&5 to play miss but the actual course fees affect by the training center. This means fees can vary considerably say find that what's available in your area timetables for the training very to.

If you have a choice absent is within range it's worth doing some research before you commit to the center costs for the Open University models can be found by contacting them you can find out if funding assistance is available by speaking to toes and training center and the Open University individually this also funding guide on our website our practitioner qualifications are delivered face to face in a classroom setting an approved training centres you can't acquire to play miss to distance learning they're good business that this as an important aspect canceling training involves developing practical and relational skills the skills company land or theft effectively through distance learning you can University models. However, are offered via distance learning canceling as a profession isn't like united by statute the title cancer isn't protected by law. However, our route to becoming accounts that is well respected in the field and meets professional body requirements membership and registration on level 4 diploma in 32 can sing is designed to give you the skills needed to work as a counselor in agency setting if you'd like to go into independent practice eventually you'll need more experience or one of our level 5 qualifications taking the extra mod tools to give you the Open University Foundation Degree will add academic death and Brett to your practitioner training you and your future clients will be able to have confidence in the skills if you choose to register with the recognized professional body they each have their own entry requirements for their professional register or approved voluntary by justice our professionally provides a way towards all the professional registers that have approved want revenge the status we hope this video is onto some of your questions about the foundation degree in kind thing if you still have any unanswered questions it's worth looking on our website remember if you have any questions about the relevance of your existing qualifications or by fees or Wed study contact to training center office the qualification you're interested in and speak to one of their counsellors you can find details of all our training centres using this and find on our website to finish his investor the website I've mentioned in this video my are are.

The Open University Foundation Degree in Counselling: your questions answered

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