Title Page Assignment

By: Danan Myers

Hello! I just wanted to help you with your assignment 7, creating the title page. Many students miss certain parts of it so I thought maybe a video would help you with that. As you can see I have opened the assignment list and have assignment 7 up on my screen.

The first think you need to do is open up the final paper template. Here I have it open on my paper in front of you. The first thing you need to do is the title at your paper. You are going to highlight this put in the title of your paper. For this video, I am going to use Learning Styles. And then your name goes here. my name our class name is College 100.

And the University needs to be completely spelled out. American Public University Then your instructor name. Now this is where I need to let everyone know that your professor has worked very hard to earn the title on their name so you need to use it. So either it's Doctor, professor are you add the initial PhD after their name. So that's the Instructor's name. Now you have all of this. Most students do very well with that but they seem to forget the running head up here at the top. It's in your header function.

So you have to go up here to procure and double click it. You are going to erase this part just to the running head. Just the short title of the paper. Notice: It is in ALL CAPS. That means when you erase it, you need to make sure that when you put your title in there in all caps. And then make sure you move your page number back over to the righthand side of your paper.

Title Page Assignment

Again, your running head, this part right here, needs to be in all caps. It is not lower case. It has to have the words running head right here. Click out of it and that's what your title page should look like.

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