U-M leads nation in Fulbright U.S. Student grants for 2011-12

By: UM News Service

University of Michigan again tops the list of Fulbright student scholars at U.S. institutions Ken Kollman: It's five out of the last seven years that we have achieved this owner, and it's a real tribute to this University and its depth and its breadth. We are good in so many areas across the board and we provide such outstanding international opportunities for our students.

David Pappano: I would describe my Fulbright year as the greatest year of my life, my previous experiences in Ethiopia were only for summers at a time and I was really just almost feel like I was passing through, but over that year that I was in Ethiopia I really made a lot of friends and did a lot of things that I probably won't get to experience again for quite some time. Anna Clark: I am a writer that lives in Detroit and I went to the University of Michigan between 1999 and 2003 as my undergraduate degree and I did a Fulbright program in 2011. I applied to the University of Michigan and the international institute here which supports both students and alumni in helping you move through the program, which I was surprised to learn and very pleased because it was crucial and helping me to put together a good application. Ken Kollman: We have incredible faculty involvement in the process from the advice given on applications to the interviewing process, the faculty are invested and engaged in this and we have a process to help them. David Pappano: The Fulbright program is more about building bridges between countries and doing so in an academic fashion is best suited for students who want to be part of a larger international community. Anna Clark: I decided to apply for Fulbright because I was very interested in moving more deeply into my writing, taking more risks with my writing, and also taking more risks with my life. I wanted to go to another place, engaging in a country that has an emerging literary culture; I was very interested in how literatures emerge.

I divided my time between my independent writing and also engaging with different community literary organizations. The kind of stories that have come into my life from being there is affecting the kind of journalism I want to do; and as a fiction writer, being an outsider I am having to navigate a lot of different kinds of perspectives, I think that gives me a new kind of empathy for the kind of characters I want to create, the kind of conflicts I want to negotiate in the fiction I write. Ken Kollman: Our students are going to 25 different countries about half are undergrads, about half are graduate students, we have a marine veteran going to Norway to study engineering, projects, and we have a student going to China to study education inequality. We have a student going to the Republic of Congo, we have them going to Turkey and Taiwan, and it's very exciting to see the University providing such opportunities to our students. David Pappano: I was invited to speak to high school students in Addis Ababa right at the end of my time there and I got to talk with them a little bit about my research and about preserving the national park that I work in with my friend who is a local Ethiopian. It was one of those experiences where I realized that you can't change the world in a year but you can make a difference to just a few people in about an hour.

U-M leads nation in Fulbright U.S. Student grants for 2011-12

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