Understanding your assignment question

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Hi this video is a very short introduction to creating a concept map. A concept map is a useful tool which helps you to quickly analyze and understand an assignment question after you've done your map you can even write the question in your own words question to better understand it. If you don't have set readings, or even if you do a concept map is also a great way to prepare for a literature search. A concept map will also help you identify aspects of the question that are confusing you can then ask your tutor to explain so now I'm going to read our sample question in the last twenty years rates of divorce have risen significantly in western countries.

Critically analyzed some different of the explanations given for this phenomenon. In your discussion you should consider what the implications these explanations might have for social policy. Okay so we start identifying key concepts hence the name concept map .

so the first concept I come when I start to read the question would be divorce, or rates of divorce a draw a little line out so I can write lists of words that are related to divorce or the same as divorce I can't think of any words that are the same as divorce at the moment but as far as rates of divorce go I might consider the word statistics - 'have risen significantly in..' 'Western countries' another key concept - so it's divorce and Western countries. This is an interesting one - one that I would probably be inclined to ask my tutor about.. for me in my experience I would say that refers to the USA the UK and Australia. We all tend to follow the same trends in social matters but as I said I would ask wanted to clarify next we have any another interesting phrase - critically analyse this is not a concept - this is what is known as an instruction word. or an instruction phrase and these are telling you what you need to do with the information that you are gathering for the assignment. There's more information on instructions words in the academic writing guide on the library website. So, moving along I'm looking for more concepts... another one that I'm interested in is explanations so we want explanations of divorce in Western countries what's another word for explanations, can you think of one? I'm actually thinking something like reasons might be something that I am I would expect to see again moving further into the question in my discussion I have to consider what the implications for these explanations might have for social policy So, social policy is a definite one to include other ways of saying social policy or things that are related social policy it doesn't have to be a direct equivalence doesn't have to be exactly the same but it needs to be related to so social policy relating to divorce might be social policy relating to family, it might be relating to children social policy could also be called government policy because the government is the body that regulates divorce in Australia I just going to leave it there you can probably think of a few more things to add.

just looking back I'm looking at the word implications are there any other ways of saying implications... i'm thinking in the context of this question effects might also make sense So this is a very brief overview of how I tackle a concept map. Everyone does a concept map in their own way I hope this has given you an idea of how to actually get one started, and I hope you can see that this has helped you to understand the assignment question.

Understanding your assignment question

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