University Leadership Scholarship Announcement

By: OStateTV

Ann and I are here on the steps of the iconic Edmon Low Library here at the OSU campus where I began my college career, and yes, I have been back since. This is the perfect location for Burns and me to announce our gift to the Branding Success campaign. Ann and I are thrilled to establish the university leadership scholarship.

It's a scholarship which will provide support for our students, and it consists of an estate gift of $1 million and $500,000 over a period of ten years, which will be available to students annually. Our greatest thrill is working with students on this campus, many of whom cannot pursue their education without some financial support. Those are the very students we would like to help. We're very grateful to Boone Pickens, our legendary graduate who has provided the Pickins Legacy Match, which will cause this gift from Ann and me to ultimately be $3 million to support our students. We are very excited about the future of OSU.

Go Pokes!.

University Leadership Scholarship Announcement

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