Using a Touchscreen Display and Microsoft Ink for Annotation

By: Rick Dowling

Hello and welcome to our demonstration of the use of a touchscreen monitor for annotation with Microsoft software. I'm using today an HP Compaq L2206tm touch screen monitor here so there'll be times when I'm interacting with the things on screen by touching them. We�ll start with PowerPoint. I have a PowerPoint presentation that I�ve already created so I'll just access that by essentially double-clicking or tapping twice which opens up PowerPoint and here's my presentation. I�ll go to presenter mode. Here we are in presenter mode. When I touch the screen slightly I'll get the paint tools, and the first one is a laser pointer.

So here's a laser pointer - I advanced my slide so I can go back to if I hit escape, and back to slide one. Here is my laser pointer tool. If I choose that, there is a laser pointer. I can use the keyboard commands to advance the slides, as i did. So here�s the laser pointer function The frame rate of Tegrity is a little slower but you get the idea there is a essentially a laser pointer on the screen. The next tool we will look at is the pen tool.

As I click that it appears over here on the side I can choose what color I want to annotate with. So we'll call this yellow as I did in the print tutorial. When I want to go to the next slide, here we are on slide number 2.

I'd like to use green again the number eight crudely drawn by me with my finger. so I can just cascade through the colors. Some work better than others.

Using a Touchscreen Display and Microsoft Ink for Annotation

The next tool is a highlighter tool and it does pretty much what a highlighter does. I�m able to highlight things on the screen using the highlighter tool. The next tool is the eraser tool. So I can then just go in and erase things that I have added.

I�ll go back to the pen tool and again I'm just touching the screen here to get these options so I�ll go back to yellow, add that. I will advance over to slide three and add the number 3. If I need to minimize my slide I can just touch this icon right here. If I want my PowerPoint tools I can show different views here again I inadvertently touched the screen.

I can show different arrow options, I can show different screens. I have all of those available to me here and when I am ready to end my show I click the little screen icon with an X and I�m given the option of keeping my ink annotations so that the next time I open the PowerPoint those annotations will be there. So I�ll choose yes again by touching the screen. And that very short description is how you annotate with a touchscreen using Microsoft Ink and PowerPoint. I�ll close this presentation now. I�ve already saved this, so I�ll select don�t save. So now we�re back to the desktop. Let�s take a look at how you use annotations in a Word document.

I click on Microsoft Word, and open a new blank document. I need to go to the Review tab and there is a Start Inking button over on the right. Hopefully you saw that. Now I can choose my pen options. I could use highlighter options, drawing on the screen. I choose colors, thickness, those sorts of options. I can choose to erase the highlighting. And again, when I get ready to close this I have the option of saving my annotations.

So we�ll save that to the desktop. Call it doc1. I now have saved a PowerPoint - I�m sorry a Word document with annotation. Likewise with Excel We open Excel by clicking on it. I�ll start a blank workbook.

Under the review tab there is a Start Inking button The same tools that were available to you in Word are now available in Excel. I can now and annotate on Excel. Changing again I can choose highlighting, choose an individual cell and highlight. I can draw. It is a very full function annotation within Microsoft. And again when I�m done, I just click the X to the close the app to save my changes which will include my annotations. Say yes, we�ll save it to the desktop And actually click save-I attempted to click enter there. It to takes some getting used to with the touchscreen but it is fairly intuitive and avery useful function to be able to annotate using the touchscreen display.

Thanks for joining us.

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